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Yoga is meditation

Each person’s body is different, so each person has to come to know his or her own limits. And the only way to find out about those limits is to explore them carefully and mindfully yourself, over an extended period of time.

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From Lethality to Tranquility: MBSR at SAVAHCS Tucson, AZ

An Interview with Dr. Teri Davis, ND

By Steven Louie

Figure 1. MBSR Course Flyer March 2015. to enlarge.

Audio Interview


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Integrative Medicine

Meditation and thoughts

It’s important to reiterate that letting go of our thoughts does not mean suppressing them. Many people hear it this way and make the mistake of thinking that meditation requires them to shut off their thinking or their feelings.

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Back from Vacation!

I just returned from a spectacularly restful and warm vacation!  I was warmed by the sun for 10 whole days, which I didn’t realized just how much I needed it until I was down there.   293 more words

A moment of reflection

It was recently that I came across this poem. I was watching a seminar titled, ‘Coming To Your Senses’ by Jon Kabat-Zinn on YouTube and he ended with this poem. 96 more words


Beating Burn-Out

Often I find that when I am drawn to writing about a certain subject, it is almost always something I should integrate into my own life. 1,702 more words


Practicing Patience

The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

I, by nature, am a very impatient person. 461 more words

Mindful Writing