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A Radical Notion

Of course I practice mindfulness.

Doesn’t everyone.

But I don’t do it all the time, like most people.

I use mindfulness to fix me. I take it up when I’m stressed, or to insulate myself against upcoming difficulties. 370 more words

Positive Psychology

39Meditate: Posture


Have you ever heard of ‘Laughing Yoga?’ It is actually quite hilarious. Get a group of people together and just start laughing. Try it at work today :-). 786 more words

Mindfulness Explained

If you have been wondering about Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, what it is, why it’s useful, and how to do it, then check out my post on my new blog truebodymindsoul.com!   17 more words

365 Challenge

Mindful Monday--Reflections on a snow day

There is something magical about snow-covered trees and the quiet of a bright, snow-filled night sky. I am not a fan of winter, but I do cherish the hours of stillness and calm during snowstorms. 633 more words

Jonas: Musings

Snowstorms here always inspire those of us who are non-doers to do. I am guilty of procrastination; not in cleaning or organizing- I’ve been told by a friend I keep one of the cleanest apartments he’s ever seen. 872 more words