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Wicked Wednesdays #9: A Mindful Multi-tasking Mummy

Mindfulness and multi-tasking are incompatible – so say  Mindfulness Gurus like Jon Kabat-Zinn and Mark Williams.  And of course they are right.  Who am I to argue with eminent professors from two of the world’s leading universities? 413 more words

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October in Skibbereen and Bantry

Breathworks Mindfulness for Health in Skibbereen

And MBSR in Bantry

Exploring mindfulness

One of the newer approaches to counseling, teaching mindfulness, has actually been around for thousands of years.  When Jon Kabat-Zinn created Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in 1979 to help his patients manage their chronic pain he brought a 2,500 year old Buddhist practice to people in the west. 351 more words

Mental Health Monday

Entry #4: Options

I think we suffer from a belief in options, options of how we could act in any given moment (present, past or future).  I use the word “this” (which is kind of trendy these days but unrelated) to signal to my mind that… 487 more words

Stressed? Who, me???

Years ago – or what seems a lifetime ago, I spotted a book at Dzogchen Beara bookshop “Full catastrophe living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

I read a few page, and decided that I did not need it – “Me stressed? 402 more words

About MIND

I named this article “About MIND” because naming it “Mindfulness and Me” or “Buddhism and Me” would simply be wrong because I am nowere near knowing enough about any of these things to say what my relationship towards it is. 519 more words


Present Time™ essential oil blend

Present Time™ essential oil blend

“Dwell in stillness and to observe without reacting and without judging.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Concentrating on the past or worrying about the future can be counterproductive.  552 more words

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