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Outer mountains & Inner mountains: Personal perception vs Actual reality

So, your faced with a problem – a new obstacle. But, in fact, there are two version of it. The first is what actually lies in front of you and the second, and, often forgotten about, is the way your mind sees the problem. 318 more words


Healing is What Happens When You Really Just Want a Cure

Have you ever asked yourself “Why does healing take so long?”


How healthy is your relationship with your memories, thoughts, history and your pain? 1,158 more words

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I trust myself to make good decisions

I remember reading the book ‘Blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell about 10 years ago now, and having it challenge quite a few of my beliefs. I’ve always found decisions difficult to make without agonising over the rights and wrongs, possible outcomes and different scenarios that could play out. 717 more words


The Sweet Spot: Relief from the Fear of Death through Mindfulness

If you have ever lain awake in the middle of the night pondering death, heart racing, icy hot fear coursing through your body as your mind tries desperately to find solid ground, you are not alone. 215 more words

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