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MMMM: defence mechanisms

MMMM: Mindfulness, Meditation and Mental health May- is a month of quotes, books and (sometimes unexpected) resources to reflect on, to help have a happier, more mindful life. 298 more words


Mindfulness is the new buzz word that is everywhere. What is it? Why do it? Can it help? or is it just some hippy crap left over from the 60’s? 479 more words

Road To Recovery

Reality to Dreams?

Doesn’t the saying usually go: “Dreams to Reality?” Maybe… but for me, “Reality to Dreams” makes much more sense. What do I mean by this? First, you need to know what your reality is. 316 more words

Thinking about Meditation: 2008

Meditation, mindfulness, yogic breathing, transcendental meditation, zazen, guided visualization, the breath, mind in the moment, in the seconds really. I’ve read about them all, but I’m absorbing Kabat-Zinn now, his words slowing me down time, as I walk through campus seeing sentences, one by one, as they arrive from colleagues and students. 201 more words

Jon Kabat-Zinn


What are yours, and have you made any of them come true?

Good thing about dreams, is that they change when you change and or they evolve. 104 more words

Ponder This 5/8/17

First post of a new feature in the dkhometree blog: occasional posts of quotations I stumbled across and liked.  Up to a dozen quotes in each post.  182 more words

Dennis Koenig

"No-Fail" Friday: Looking ahead

Did you know you can listen to this post if you prefer? Check it outhttps://mindfulmba.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/nff-4-28-17.m4a

Even though our topic on Wednesday was about not getting lost in thoughts of the future all the time, it’s ok to admit the truth. 681 more words