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Doctor Who: Planet of the Daleks (part three)

The first time I watched (most of) “Planet of the Daleks,” on PBS around 1987, I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t impressed when I watched it again after getting a complete copy in 1994 either. 626 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Planet of the Daleks (parts one and two)

“Invisible Daleks!” shouted our son. Yes, indeed.

“Planet of the Daleks” is another story that I’m not actually all that familiar with. I’ve maybe seen it in full only twice. 365 more words

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My Top 10 Third Doctor Stories (Part 1)

Finally an actual Top 10!  The Third Doctor is one of my personal favorites. He is the first to have all of his episodes intact. Also now the stories are in color! 2,388 more words

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Doctor Who: Frontier in Space (part six)

The last part of “Frontier in Space” is one of the very few occasions in Doctor Who where major villains team up. The Master and the Daleks only get a few minutes together, and the neatness is overshadowed by knowing this was Roger Delgado’s final appearance in the series. 317 more words

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Doctor Who: Frontier in Space (parts four and five)

Resuming this serial with a double-bill tonight, our son still says that he isn’t enjoying it, but he does at least enjoy the gunfights. That is, I think he likes the idea of the shootouts, because what happens on screen is not all that thrilling. 447 more words

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Best, brightest and The Claws of Axos (1971)

In a swirl of psychedelic colour and with a fanfare of tinny electronica comes The Claws of Axos. So Pertwee it hurts, this marks the point when the third Doctor’s era turns from hard nosed grittiness to something more comfortable and familiar. 1,101 more words

Colony in Space

The classic series of Doctor Who lasted for 26 years, and ended over 26 years ago.  So for more than half of its existence it has been experienced not as a continuing narrative but as a collection of treats to dip into.  1,673 more words

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