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Summary of a Life

On this day, Jon Pertwee died. This video gives a brief summary of a man who has a plethora of acting jobs. Good with children, playing in… 25 more words

Worzel Gummidge

Worzel Gummidge, was a theme to 80s kid’s TV show. Can you guess who it was sung by?

JON PERTWEE of course!!! Listen here! (and click to look at some cool photos)

Three Sword Fighting with the Master

Jon Pertwee is what made the role of the Doctor more action like, doing martial arts and apparently sword fighting.

For the Love of Jelly Babies

My question is this, did the writers or someone want the fourth doctor’s quirk to be jelly babies? Here is my reasoning, even before the lovable Tom Baker ever had a jelly baby bag in his hand, the second doctor had offered a jelly baby. 54 more words

Doctor Who

Oh the Arguing

Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton argue…..