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Picture Of The Day: The Halloween Generation Game

From last year: Sean Pertwee pays tribute to his Dad Jon in style to celebrate Halloween.


What We're Not Watching: Worzel Gummidge

We’re not watching Worzel Gummidge for our blog, and that’s a shame. Three months ago, I wrote another entry in this occasional series, about The Space Giants… 746 more words

Joan Sims

Review - Doctor Who: The Heralds of Destruction

Doctor Who: The Heralds of Destruction

Paul Cornell, Christopher Jones & Hi-Fi

Titan Comics

Alongside their current continuing run for all the post 2005 Doctors Titan Comics have been putting out mini-series for past Doctors. 597 more words


Picture of the Day: Carry Me Home

From 1971: Jon Pertwee gets a lift from a wooly companion


Picture of the Day: Hold Me!

From 1970: Jon Pertwee and Nicolas Courtney laugh it up during filming of Doctor Who and The Silurians


33 - Death to the Daleks

This adventure was a childhood favourite, and remains a delight to this day. Falling in Pertwee’s final season, this was the third and final time he would face the evil intergalactic pepperpots before regeneration at the close of the season. 523 more words

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The Compleat Amicus Portmanteau Cravatalogue, part 2

(The Amicus Cravatalogue was a short, five part article I wrote for another blog a few years ago. As the other blog will disappear shortly I thought I’d include them here. 625 more words

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