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Picture of the Day: Disrobed

From 1973: Jon Pertwee and Liz Sladen warm up while shooting the Time Warrior.


Picture of the Day: Look Up, Waaay Up

From 1973: Lis Sladen and Jon Pertwee glance at something in the sky while filming The Time Warrior


Doctor Who "Spearhead from Space"

Introducing a new Doctor is a hit or miss proposition. For every “Rose” or “The Eleventh Hour” you get a “Twin Dilemma” or “Time and the Rani.” I apologize for putting those thoughts in your head. 250 more words


Doctor Who: 'The Pilot,' S10 E01

The eras of Doctor Who‘s 50-plus year history are not so much measured by who was The Doctor, as much as who was the companion, especially during the new series. 705 more words


The Third Doctor: Action Man Or Inert Lump Of Carbon?

He was a master swordsman. He was familiar with firearms, and not afraid to gun down an Ogron or two. He was skilled in the art of hand to hand combat, thanks to his knowledge of Venusian Akido, or Venusian Karate, or as Sgt. 2,136 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who? The Third Doctor

At the Beginning of the Seventh series we were introduced to a new Doctor veteran actor Jon Pertwee, who took over the role from Patrick Troughton. 824 more words

Classic Doctor Who: Series 7

1970 represented a time of massive change for Doctor Who. In 1969… ish, the Time Lords got fed up with the Doctor (Patrick Troughton) refusing to heed to their policy of noninterference, so they forced him to regenerate, (into Jon Pertwee) then exiled him to Earth. 281 more words