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Jo Grant Has a Word

‘There was just a  we found in each that was so strong and it was a blessing, and as Barry Letts often said that’s what a director absolutely prays for; that he picks people who are going to have chemistry and it makes a huge difference on screen, it really, really does. 71 more words

The Brigadier

Random things I noticed from watching 'The Mutants'

There are plenty of essays and articles about the social commentary and technical realisation of ‘The Mutants’, all over the internet. This is not one of them. 612 more words

Doctor Who


This season,  more than any other,  is very important to me at the moment. Along with season six’s The Invasion and season five’s The Web of Fear… 768 more words


Doctor Who - More than Thirty Years in the TARDIS

One thing that the range of Doctor Who DVDs (from An Unearthly Child to the TVM) isn’t short of is documentaries.  Just about every release has a plethora of supplementary information – from story-specific features, interviews with people from both in-front of and behind the camera to more tangential featurettes (such as… 922 more words

Doctor Who

The Compleat Amicus Portmanteau Cravatalogue, part 2

If you’ve accidentally stumbled across part 2 of the series then please go to the back of the class and study part 1. It can be found here: 612 more words


The reason we watched 'Gotham'

Sean Pertwee, quite obviously the son of Jon Pertwee above, plays the legendary Alfred Pennyworth, butler to the recently-orphaned Bruce Wayne. Pertwee’s Alfred remains as loyal, punctilious, and imperturbable as any previous portrayal, but he also has a layer of working-class grit and a penchant for fisticuffs all his own. 251 more words

Doctor Who

Recasting the early Doctors

Tim Treloar is to employ his uncanny impression of Jon Pertwee in playing the Third Doctor in Big Finish’s upcoming Third Doctor Adventures range. Hear him above. 366 more words

Doctor Who