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Jon Rappoport - Reality Constructs & Dynamics Of The Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

Alexis interviews investigative journalist and alternative researcher Jon Rappoport about the inner workings of outer reality often referred to as “The Matrix.”


A message to Wikileaks, Cryptome, Public Intelligence, and other sites that expose secrets

A message to Wikileaks, Cryptome, Public Intelligence, and other sites that expose secrets

Does 2.25 million deaths in America, per decade, at the hands of the medical system, rate as a significant leak? 1,476 more words

Medical Fraud

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CDC, Big Pharma and sick "care" for-profit industries will be exposed soon and that will be all to the good in exposing DoE and nukers. The house of cards is falling.

Vaccines: the new government attack on pregnant women

May7 by Jon Rappoport

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Ferocious vaccine manufacturers are constantly on the move, looking for new “demographics” to shoot with vaccines. 261 more words


BRICS And Brexit Countries: Secrets Of The Crypt

If the UK exits the EU, it’ll drive a wound into the plan. It will be a cause for celebration. It might create a contagion of withdrawals. 1,275 more words


Paideia Step 4: Art, and imagination

“Freedom from” and “freedom to” are two dimensions of individual freedom. Freedom from constraints is probably the easiest part, and perhaps some would think the only necessary part. 459 more words


Ep. 435 FADE to BLACK FADERNIGHT Jon Rappoport Open-lines LIVE

Published on Apr 11, 2016

Another Thursday, another FADERNIGHT with open-lines all night long…and Jon Rappoport with the No More Fake Newsroom…LIVE.

That "AHA" Moment

Have you ever had a moment of Enlightenment, even with a small e? This happens when you suddenly discover something so new it gives you more clarity about yourself or a problem you may have been struggling with for a long time. 368 more words