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Would the Government Let Jesus Cure Cancer?

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by Jon Rappoport
May 23, 2017

As I’ve been telling you for years, it’s easy to keep the public on your side if you regularly tout medical “breakthroughs” in the press. 1,432 more words

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Globalist Elite At Point Of No Return

Jon Rappoport and Dr. Ed Group join Alex Jones to discuss the state of the world and the global elite as they execute their escape plans in the face of a collapsing New World Order. 11 more words


New Synthetic Vaccines Forever Alter Your DNA -Jon Rappoport

By : Meranda Devan

Listen to this interview here – Published on Feb 22, 2017

The next generation of vaccine horror is here. You better pay EXTREMELY close attention to this conversation. 294 more words


05-15-2015: Please Write to Sherman County, Oregon

This is a political action request.

As decent people living in a country slowly degenerating into a police state run by order-followers, here’s an issue requiring response by decent, responsible people in support of Azure Farms, where Sherman County, Oregon officials are threatening on May 22nd, to blanket spray a 2,000-acre, 18-year old organic farm with Roundup – then FORCE Azure Farms to pay for it. 73 more words

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Huge Organic Farm under Threat; County Will Invade and Spray Roundup

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Huge organic farm under threat: County will invade and spray Roundup if not stopped

What?? A county government is going to destroy a massive organic farm? 2,607 more words

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The Hidden Paranormal People

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by Jon Rappoport
May 14, 2017

NOTE: I’ve combined several pieces here.  In various ways, they’re connected.


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A note from Jon:

May 12, 2017

As you know, this site has been down for a week. Now it’s back. In some parts of the world, it may still be propagating, but it’s on the way. 214 more words

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