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Ep. 435 FADE to BLACK FADERNIGHT Jon Rappoport Open-lines LIVE

Published on Apr 11, 2016

Another Thursday, another FADERNIGHT with open-lines all night long…and Jon Rappoport with the No More Fake Newsroom…LIVE.

That "AHA" Moment

Have you ever had a moment of Enlightenment, even with a small e? This happens when you suddenly discover something so new it gives you more clarity about yourself or a problem you may have been struggling with for a long time. 368 more words

Jon Rappoport - If you were Chief of CIA Consciousness Ops

April 7, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

There is an obsession to say that everything is made out of something. 1,485 more words

Ep. 431 FADE to BLACK FADERNIGHT Jon Rappoport Open-Lines LIVE

Published on Apr 6, 2016

Another Thursday…another open-lines night…and tonight is also the premiere of Jon Rappoport and No More Fake Newsroom…great information from Jon on astronauts and paranormal experiences in space…and the new movie: VAXXED. 37 more words

NoMoreFakeNews expands: big news

NoMoreFakeNews expands: big news


by Jon Rappoport

March 30, 2016

Get ready for a blast-off, folks.

In addition to everything I’m doing here, I’ll be going live on Jimmy Church’s very popular radio show, … 336 more words

Jon Rappoport

Exclusive: an interview with fired Professor James Tracy


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While all the questions and posturing about professor Tracey..........did anyone but me notice at no time have any one of his accusers stated emphatically that he was WRONG? That the research was in error? Instead they claimed copyright infringement of what is supposed to be their sons picture! Who the hell does that if this tragedy actually happened?

Trust Us. We're Experts.

On this episode the always insightful investigative journalist and political analyst Jon Rappoport joins James to break down the corporate media coverage of the Zika virus and the powerful forces behind the campaign. 195 more words