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The meaning of my work

The meaning of my work

by Jon Rappoport

April 18, 2018

My work as a researcher and writer goes back 50 years. My work as a reporter goes back 35 years. 677 more words

Energy & Imagination

The US government colludes in Mass Deaths by Opioids

by Jon Rappoport

Get the truth out and spread it

By Jon Rappoport

The major pipeline for trafficking opioid drugs starts with pharmaceutical manufacturers, who are intentionally distributing opioids far beyond any… 678 more words


The London police now have a firm definition of thought-crime - by Jon Rappoport

“Whether he went on with the diary, or whether he did not go on with it, made no difference. The Thought Police would get him just the same. 208 more words

Fake evidence used in the Oklahoma Bombing - How official “science” is deployed to advance a political agenda

“The public wants to buy every official scientific claim the mainstream press pounds into their brains—whether the issue is vaccine safety, global warming, … 55 more words


Flu Outbreak Across America – Really?

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com
Jon Rappoport
January 5, 2017

The press is playing up two angles this winter: the seasonal flu vaccine may only be 10% effective; and there is an outbreak of flu across 37 states, at last count. 368 more words


UFO Disclosure: the insider game of “reliable sources”

Jon Rappoport
January 2, 2018

(UFO archive, here)

In the current wave of UFO disclosures, the press (in particular, the New York Times) has decided to use Luis Elizondo, a career intelligence case officer, as its main source. 952 more words