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1/7/15-Something Hall of Famelike by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

Congratulations to Baseball Hall of Fame inductees Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez….

While I was the Chief Photographer at the Daily Trojan, I hired Randy to be a staff photographer in hope of beating the Daily Bruin in football. 136 more words

9/7/14-Something Current-LAD-7,AZ-2 by Jon SooHoo and Juan Ocampo/LA Dodgers

 Dodgers Clubhouse Chef Joyce Simonds feeds the team Dodgers Dining Room Joyce’s Homemade Biscuits Breakfast is served Fresh fruit Sandwich Bar Lots of bacon Joyce’s Waffle Sticks… 26 more words

9/6/14-Something Current-LAD-5,AZ-2 by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers

 Hyun-jin Ryu  Rob Riggle and Don Mattingly Flea and Brandon League    Joc Pederson and  Roger Bernadina Miguel Rojas  Kiss Cam!!!!!!