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John McCain is Not an Opposition Leader

Doyle McManus sounds a bit smitten with John McCain and his possible role as Maverick Republican© standing up to Big Bad Trump (“Will John McCain lead the loyal opposition?” 614 more words


Burning Down the (White) House

Jonah Goldberg’s opening metaphor isn’t quite the failed one David Brooks tried to get away with on Tuesday, but it’s a failed metaphor regardless, not so much for its incompetence as its incompleteness ( 857 more words


Trump's Tweets are an Embarrassment--And a Danger

As always, Jonah Goldberg shows his concerns are in the right place with his latest piece for the LA Times (“Trump can’t lead by tweet” 779 more words


False Equivalencies and Liberalism

There was a lot of talk during the general election cycle about false equivalencies in the coverage of the two major party candidates.  The concern was that vastly different actions were treated as similar under the guise of journalistic balance or objectivity: Clinton’s emails treated with the same degree of coverage as… 833 more words


#StillNeverTrumperButWillingToEatSomeCrow *Open Thread*

As many of you know,  I have been a #NeverTrumper from the get-go for a whole host of reasons from his ever-changing positions to his character (or lack thereof) to his treatment of women, and on and on I could go. 1,074 more words