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Prediction: Jake Tapper Will Seek Credibility By Attacking Jim Comey

Jake Tapper on Thursday afternoon will interview James Comey in what CNN has spent the week accurately promoting as “Comey’s first live interview.”

With the interview set to run about two hours from now, I’m ready to tell you exactly what to expect… 945 more words

Assorted Musings on Kevin Williamson and the 'Respectable' Right (UPDATED)

Rarely do we see a story that has so much to teach, from which so little is learned, than the saga of Kevin Williamson’s firing from… 1,921 more words

Which is it?

Wait a second. So it's okay for kids and pundits alike to say that GOP politicians are essentially accomplices to mass slaughter and the moral equivalent of mass murderers, but we have no right to judge an armed officer who stood idly by while kids were literally murdered?

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Even Rome Wasn't Burnt In a Day

Conservative author and pundit Jonah Goldberg recently reminded us that “even Rome wasn’t burnt in a day.” He was talking about the United States. And what he sees as our country’s decline. 1,873 more words

Lessons Learned

Idea for a Book

Lately, I’ve been thinking about writing a book.  Now, I used to think this would be difficult, but really, how hard could it be?  After all, people who can’t think critically write books that get read and make lots of money.  105 more words


Projection, Inc.

September 26, 2017: Roy Moore wins the Republican Party primary run-off against Luther Strange, the GOP establishment pick, for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he was appointed Attorney General by President Trump. 1,214 more words

For God