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Goldberg & Hayes Dispatch Any Pretense of Taking Swamp Conservatives Seriously

NOTE: The following was originally written for publication at another website. As such some of the particular examples may no longer be timely, but I am presenting it here in its original, uncut form because its arguments remain relevant and its information remains useful. 1,432 more words

‘Never Trumper’ Jonah Goldberg Tells Conservatives to Forget about the Deep State

Goldberg is shilling for unaccountable federal bureaucrats.

Source:  Shane Trejo

Columnist Jonah Goldberg, who was a proud Never Trumper in 2016 that wanted to give the presidency to Hillary Clinton,  482 more words

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Correcting the Record on Nick Frankovich

A particularly salty Twitter brawl broke out last Thursday night over a video clip from Jonah Goldberg’s appearance last week at UW-Madison, during which a student became the target of some SwampCon indignation by bringing up a high-profile… 2,326 more words

The National Review Would Like You to Know that “The Longer the President Defends a Lie, the More Americans Will Resent Being Lied To”

There is mucho commentary in the last few days dissecting Trump’s non-defense of his actions. Here is Jonah Goldberg, writing in the National Review:

The longer the president defends a lie, the more Americans will resent being lied to. 651 more words