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Trump's Tweets are an Embarrassment--And a Danger

As always, Jonah Goldberg shows his concerns are in the right place with his latest piece for the LA Times (“Trump can’t lead by tweet” 779 more words


False Equivalencies and Liberalism

There was a lot of talk during the general election cycle about false equivalencies in the coverage of the two major party candidates.  The concern was that vastly different actions were treated as similar under the guise of journalistic balance or objectivity: Clinton’s emails treated with the same degree of coverage as… 833 more words


#StillNeverTrumperButWillingToEatSomeCrow *Open Thread*

As many of you know,  I have been a #NeverTrumper from the get-go for a whole host of reasons from his ever-changing positions to his character (or lack thereof) to his treatment of women, and on and on I could go. 1,074 more words

Conservative press

As I ease back into news consumption, I find myself reading more and more conservative news and opinion sites. I’m not becoming more conservative. I’m curious. 247 more words

Of Course I Love The Beautiful Tenth Amendment

There’s a headline in today’s National Review Online: “Trump: An Opportunity For Federalism,” and let me say, have I ever “mocked anyone who invokes the Tenth Amendment”?   129 more words

Donald Trump's Inexcusable Loyalists Deserve To Be Betrayed As He Chooses His Cabinet

Donald Trump loyalists betrayed conservatism by supporting the president-elect during the campaign; if they are now betrayed by Trump and frozen out of his administration it will be sweet justice… 780 more words

US Current Affairs

"We need more rocks in the river" - Jonah Goldberg, 2010

Six Thanksgivings ago, I bookmarked a post by Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online. “This pope plays it right” is a meditation by a secular writer on his father, on Pope Benedict, Catholicism, and broadly-defined conservatism. 180 more words