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Conservative Movement Inc. and the Strange Case of Jonah Goldberg

By Alex Knepper

Here’s an article typical of the hyperventilating it’s-my-ballism circulating among Conservative Movement, Inc. It’s written by Jonah Goldberg, and while I surely don’t mean to pick on him in particular, this is such… 1,334 more words

Rejoinder to Goldberg/National Review

I normally despise anything National Review writes, but every now and then they can be very helpful even if very wrong.  In “Denationalizing Politics… 543 more words


The Samson Contingency

By Steve Berman  |  May 1, 2016

Two rather shocking pieces came out Friday which represent a seismic shift in the conservative front vis the GOP. 1,349 more words


NRO cucks go on defense about hating White working class

The #cuckservatives and hostile Jews (like Jonah Goldberg) at the National Review who claim to be Right-wing but embrace open borders, mass Third World immigration and free trade (to outsource all of our industry and jobs) are finally… 12 more words


Ted Cruz Isn't Trump: He's Worse in Every Way

At the LA Times, Jonah Goldberg tries to convince himself that Cruz is better than Trump by simply not being Trump:

Like Perseus pulling Medusa’s head out of a sack to petrify his enemies, Cruz has been able to dangle the prospect of a President Trump to strike fear in the hearts of even his biggest detractors.

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There was an old “Saturday Night Live” fake movie trailer narrated by horror movie veteran Christopher Lee. John Belushi played a houseguest who couldn’t take a hint from a couple that just wanted to go to bed. 229 more words


The GOP Really Wants to Nominate an Unpopular Guy

Jonah Goldberg lays out the possible strategies for stopping Trump from gaining the nomination in an op-ed for the L.A. Times:

The most desirable, but least plausible, way to stop Trump would be for Ted Cruz or…

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