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Jonah Goldberg: "Complicated Things Are Complicated"

In a grand display of “Oh shit, I was supposed to have a column written for tomorrow,” Principled Conservative© Jonah Goldberg’s latest in the LA Times  404 more words


Music for CPAC and America's bigoted Administration

The organizer of the Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC), Dan Schneider, called Richard Spencer and his cadre of white nationalists (aka the “alt-right”) a “hateful, left-wing fascist group” got me thinking about this song. 108 more words

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National Review: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

The Principled Conservatives© of National Review have a message to all their readers:

Unlike The New York Times and Washington Post, who can attribute their spike in readers and subscriptions to their… 374 more words


John McCain is Not an Opposition Leader

Doyle McManus sounds a bit smitten with John McCain and his possible role as Maverick Republican© standing up to Big Bad Trump (“Will John McCain lead the loyal opposition?” 614 more words