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[VIDEO] Jonah Goldberg with Bill Kristol: Trump's Candidacy, Conservative Exile, and 'Liberal Fascism' Revisited

‘The Newsletterist of Our Time’. My favorite part appears at 1:16:03 – 1:32:20, where Jonah discusses some important books and essays that have influenced his writing. 277 more words


New at American Clarion: Disappointment in Paul Ryan Provides Clue to America’s Current Mess

Wilfred McClay of the University of Oklahoma best summarized the root cause of conservatives’ unpleasant choice for president this fall: “when a political culture forbids respectable politicians from raising essential topics, the electorate will soon turn to ‘unrespectable’ ones” like Donald Trump. 200 more words

If we say that anyone who “moralizes” must be perfect morally then we are in effect saying no one can moralize. – Jonah Goldberg http://ift.tt/1TRXjMq

Jonah Goldberg

Conservative Movement Inc. and the Strange Case of Jonah Goldberg

By Alex Knepper

Here’s an article typical of the hyperventilating it’s-my-ballism circulating among Conservative Movement, Inc. It’s written by Jonah Goldberg, and while I surely don’t mean to pick on him in particular, this is such… 1,334 more words

Rejoinder to Goldberg/National Review

I normally despise anything National Review writes, but every now and then they can be very helpful even if very wrong.  In “Denationalizing Politics… 543 more words