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Donald Trump's Inexcusable Loyalists Deserve To Be Betrayed As He Chooses His Cabinet

Donald Trump loyalists betrayed conservatism by supporting the president-elect during the campaign; if they are now betrayed by Trump and frozen out of his administration it will be sweet justice… 780 more words

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"We need more rocks in the river" - Jonah Goldberg, 2010

Six Thanksgivings ago, I bookmarked a post by Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online. “This pope plays it right” is a meditation by a secular writer on his father, on Pope Benedict, Catholicism, and broadly-defined conservatism. 180 more words


The Black Swan Event Donald Trump Needed to Win Was... Donald Trump

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

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FBI Reopens Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Emails As More Come To Light

Hell hath no fury like a Clinton facing an existential political threat

And so with just eleven days until the presidential election, the week closes with the shock announcement that the… 1,160 more words

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Trumpkin Rage

“The problem is not that all Republicans think the way  does. The problem is that they’ve been riding this tiger for a long time. They’ve been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years, primarily for political expedience.

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Should Journalists Have To Declare Their Political Biases And Donations?

Belief that the media is biased is one thing that unites conservatives and leftists in America and Britain. So why not demand that journalists reveal any political affiliations upfront, to give us better context for their reporting and commentary? 1,574 more words

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Quote For The Day

After the election, American conservatives cannot simply pretend that Donald Trump never happened. The Republican Party must fully reject Trumpism and then reach out to voters with a brighter, most optimistic conservative message… 704 more words

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