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‘I love IA too but he is right’: Jonah Goldberg goes after the Iowa GOP and the 'Liz Mair firing'

Add National Review’s Jonah Goldberg to the list of conservatives miffed at Scott Walker for not standing up to Iowa Republicans over the hiring of digital media strategist Liz Mair: 748 more words

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Conservative Blindness on Iran - Jacob Hornberger

In a standard conservative screed against Iran, Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg begins by stating, “It has been an Iranian tradition since 1979 to end Friday prayers with chants of ‘Death to America.’ In a purely rational world, that would be all one needed to know that Iran is not a reliable negotiating partner.” 455 more words


Boston Herald Hill-ucinating About Clinton Again

A severe case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome has flared up once again at the frothing local tabloid. This latest pooh-pooh platter features a refried interview, a retread ranter, a syndicated drone, and a quick-draw artist. 402 more words

Not Grandmother-in-Chief Material

From Jonah Goldberg:

In the wake of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s fairly disastrous press conference at the United Nations on Tuesday, there’s only one conclusion shared by all parties: This was not how it was supposed to go.

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What if? Jonah Goldberg shows how Dems would react if Cheney pulled a Hillary [video]

Is it ever.

With the reported exception of the White House counsel’s office — which desperately needs another speed bump for its bus — Democrats by and large don’t seem to give much of a crap about Hillary’s private email problem. 273 more words

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Jonah Goldberg: For Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker It's prime time, whether he's ready or not

Los Angeles Times: y good cook will tell you that you need great ingredients to pull off a great dish. Less discussed, but just as true: You need to cook the ingredients in the right order. 75 more words