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Best Books I Read in 2018

It’s a name we usually associate with William Wallace since what we know of him comes mostly from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. He’s the one that betrays Wallace in the film but there is so much more to the story. 597 more words

What Today’s Educational Conservatives Need to Say Instead

I don’t see any good reason why they would listen to me. But if today’s conservative pundits and intellectuals are really serious about identifying the “future direction of American education,” they need to come to terms with the elephant in the conservatives’ room. 728 more words

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Jonah Goldberg: Not Helping

President Trump can’t win. Whatever he does, or does not do, will provoke hate-motivated criticism from the Media, Never Trumpers, and the Left. “He’s not presidential!”  they whine, gnashing their teeth and rending their garments in mock despair and outrage.  1,612 more words


On the Death of Liberalism

Last week I finally had the opportunity to read Patrick Deneen’s Why Liberalism Failed, a book that had been on my “to read” list for several months now. 1,072 more words

Political Theory

Face The Nation - Susan Glasser, Jonah Goldberg, Susan Page

Missed the second half of the show? The latest on the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi and foreign policy.

from U.S. – CBSNews.com http://www.cbsnews.com/video/face-the-nation-susan-glasser-jonah-goldberg-susan-page/

Susan Page

Kavanaugh's Nomination

As the controversy grew around Brett Kavanaugh allegedly committing sexual assault on multiple occasions in the 1980s, one crucial bit of context was missing in the media coverage: Kavanaugh is not presently being charged with a crime (if he was, he would enjoy a slew of constitutional rights such as the presumption of innocent until proven guilty). 485 more words

Brett Kavanaugh

Sermon For Rosh HaShanah Morning - "The Boundaries We Must Defend"

This past summer, my son Ari worked as a broadcaster for the Duluth Huskies – a minor-league baseball team.  There were lots of reasons to love the Huskies.  2,802 more words