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Civilizing the Barbarians

In the words of Hanna Arendt:

Every generation is invaded by barbarians—we call them “children.”

From where I sit, that resonates. Especially since my three-year-old just ran through the kitchen like a tiny, unclad Gaelic warrior screaming “Captain Underpants!”

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The 'Respectable' Right's Collusion Bait-and-Switch

As I’ve been saying for a long time now, NeverTrump’s nonstop wailing about the supposedly declining integrity of the conservative movement might be easier to take at face value if they themselves didn’t lie all the time. 737 more words

The Enlightenment Wars

by David Ottlinger

There was a time, I remember it distinctly, when I felt that having opinions on the Enlightenment put me very much in the minority. 3,016 more words


Abortion, Jonah Goldberg, and the Integrity of Conservatism

On Thursday, I responded to a foolish, revealing statement by Jonah Goldberg asserting that “you can support abortion and still be a conservative.” You can… 617 more words

Let's Play a Game

Sometimes, I play a little game.  (No, not this type of game.  That’s a little too cutthroat for me, so to speak.)  It’s a game called “Where would I want to be.”  There are two variations to this game.  780 more words

[VIDEO] Is Jonah Goldberg Turning Into a Libertarian? It Sure Sounds Like It

The Suicide of the West author explains his anti-Trumpism, evolution on culture-war issues, and growing attraction to libertarianism.

In his new book, Suicide of the West, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg talks of what he calls “the Miracle”—the immense and ongoing increase in human wealth, health, freedom, and longevity ushered in during the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution. 221 more words

Think Tank

Conservative Trump critics, allies go to the mattresses

Republican family feud — or is it war?
And why is this blog too long?

The Squire of Stately Blaska Manor enjoys nothing so much as a no-holds-barred blood feud. 1,061 more words

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