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"Sky Hooks"; and a Book Worth Half Reading

The Evolution Of Everything by Matt Ridley is a book I really, really wanted to recommend. It deals with a vital topic: the importance of “bottom-up” thinking as opposed to “top-down” thinking, which relies on what people sometimes humorously call “sky hooks”. 1,510 more words


Worrying Works

I generally have little good to say about Main Stream Media. MSM. I think they have allowed their finance department to drive the narrative. Things that make money are things that get attention and nearly none of that is positive. 767 more words

Don Shaughnessy

A Must-Read

from The Propaganda Professor

Of course the reblog button wouldn’t work, it’s about politics.  But here’s the link:

The Myth of “Liberal Fascism”

The Myth of "Liberal Fascism"

Of the many revisionist narratives that right-wing polemicists have been pushing in recent days, perhaps the brassiest of all is that fascism is a movement of leftist/ liberal origin. 1,984 more words


Jonah Goldberg: Shameless Liar

Once upon a time, I appreciated Jonah Goldberg’s columns. I was thrilled when he came to speak at Hillsdale. I even liked to listen to YouTube videos of him (and a few other conservatives) debating liberals. 1,416 more words

National Review's Decline Continues With Jonah Goldberg's Lazy, Dishonest Censorship Screed

If it’s a day ending in Y, odds are that Jonah Goldberg is lying about something or someone.

The latest example is his May 10 G-File… 1,555 more words

Make America Read Again: Completely and Totally Exonerated Edition

The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claiborne

This 2006 book is an exploration, from the mind of author Shane Claiborne, as to how living a genuine Christian life can be done in 21st century America.  3,780 more words

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