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I’ve always been fascinated by Jonah. You know him. The dude in the Bible who was swallowed by a whale. I remember sitting in Sunday School on pins and needles the day we read about him. 757 more words

Carrying The Wheel

Whales don’t actually swallow people: that’s just a bible story. I think we all know that. What does remain is the idea of a person who carries bad luck with them. 1,133 more words


Sovereignty, Satire, and Second Chances: An Introduction to the Book of Jonah

For being only four chapters and 48 verses, the book of Jonah demands a lot from its readers. In the original language, it becomes clear how well-crafted the book is. 987 more words


#20 – Dark Night of the Soul – LENT 2018

The Divine assails the soul in order to renew it and thus make it divine and stripping it of the habitual affections and attachments that it so easily clings to.  284 more words

Spiritual Formation

Paltry Prayer

A couple of days ago, I wrote about “Little Prayers.”  I believe God hears our prayers about the so-called “little things.”  But I think there is a type of prayer that is not “little”, but “paltry.”  What’s the difference?  872 more words

Christian Living

Getting into Jonah by Seeing the Book's Literary Structures

In a pair of articles on literary structure and the book of Jonah, Ernst Wendland argues for what makes a chiasm valid, with a test case in the book of Jonah. 434 more words


The Good and the Bad of Brevard Childs's Canonical Criticism

In his book Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture, Brevard Child’s explains his approach to canonical criticism, a term he does not like (82), but one that generally describes his approach to interpreting Scripture in its final form. 1,267 more words