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The worthless idol

What is most important in life to you?  It has to be something that you can’t be without, depend on and think about 24/7. Is it stuff or getting ahead;  car, house or career?   226 more words

Daily Walk

Beautiful Soul X Jonah

Singer/Rapper/Producer, Jonah, is serenading to the ladies in his latest track, “Beautiful Soul.” In this smooth, tropical-feel song, Jonah is making it clear that he can see past a woman’s outer beauty and see inside of her “Beautiful Soul.” He has an upcoming mixtape dropping soon entitled, FREE SPIRIT, and this will be found on it. 35 more words

Touch Of Daz

Storms as Life Lessons

Yesterday as we were helping a young couple pack and move, their 10 mth old was wrestling with himself on the floor. He wanted to sit up but no one was helping him. 444 more words

Why Am I Here?

It begins like a brand new day and sometimes, if not for the ever present surroundings, you’ll just feel as if you’d just woken up to see the day’s light for the first time. 740 more words


Innocent blood

Scruples can be all that’s left of morality when a situation becomes dire.  That was all that remained for Jonah’s shipmates when they reluctantly decided to pitch him overboard to save themselves from a terrible storm.   344 more words


Jonah: God’s Sovereign, Unfailing Love (PART 1)

Part 1: Running from the Presence of God

     When I was in High School I went through a stage of rebellion a couple of years after being a Christian. 2,406 more words