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Poem - healing in darkness

Consider Noah and Jonah and Jesus.
At one point, each was separated
from the rest of the world.
Through their time away
hidden they were able… 125 more words

Religious And Spiritual

whales & deep waters

I think I’ve written about this before, but at the beginning of the summer, my worship leader gave me a message he felt was on his heart for me: “whale.” 320 more words

Thoughts & Prayers

It's hard to get rid of the smell of journeys through stinky situations

Over the past few weeks,  I’ve been tracking through the Book of Jonah.  When we ended it last, Jonah was in the middle of a stinky situation ( 675 more words

Life Lessons

Travel Mercies

How many times have we told friends or family that we would be praying “traveling mercies” over them as they headed out for vacation, business travel or even just a day trip down the road. 675 more words

Daily Thoughts

Your New Motivational Coach- The Boss Film Review

When actress Melissa McCarthy is getting dolled up and looking like a millionaire for a role, you have to stand up and notice. She is usually the lady in rage or killing ghosts, but in “The Boss” she is “The Boss”. 299 more words

Seeing is Not Believing

The Pharisees asked for a sign. The multitude requested a sign. Even the disciples inquired of a sign concerning the Lord’s return. Jesus told the Pharisees and Sadducees in Matthew 16, … 314 more words

Biblical Truth

The running of Jonah

The narrative of the life of the prophet Jonah is one of the best remembered stories in all the Bible. Jonah clearly got to see the awesome power of God due to his defiant act of rebellion. 3,043 more words