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Shaken Upside Down - Jonah 3:6-9

This has to be a story about God. How else could we explain the seriousness with which the Ninevites received God’s message via Jonah? The warning spread quickly so it didn’t take long for the pompous, yet dreaded, Assyrian king to hear about impending doom if repentance didn’t take place very, very soon. 318 more words

Habletages-Dorf Late May 1947

Dear Sirs,

The crashed American cargo plane that went down over Habletages-Dorf has been successfully located and the critical cargo was recovered. Lieutenant Wilson and Captain Stuart-Lane once again deserve commendation for their decisive action. 215 more words

Jonah 1:17

It’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday and it doesn’t get any crazier than the Bible saying a person can live inside a live fish for three days. 83 more words


Rise & Get Thee to Nineveh (Jonah 1)

William Tyndale published the book of Jonah around 1531. It was probably printed in Antwerp where he had earlier published the Five Books of Moses (Pentateuch) in 1530. 552 more words


What Have You Done for Me Lately? - Jonah 3:3-5; Jeremiah 18:5-17; Matthew 12:41

In Matthew 12:41 Jesus refers to Jonah’s experience in a series of confrontations with the Pharisees and other skeptics. He demonstrated great patience as, one after another, they questioned his authority and his origin. 521 more words

On the Back Foot, Late May 1947

From the Desk of Jonah Mortcombe

Dearest Madeleine,

How I dream of being back in Belgium with you again. But I do what I must for King and Country. 332 more words

The Hound of Dresden, Late May 1947

16 May 1947

Intelligence was once again the Bad Penny what with their dire predictions of the enemies that we would be facing. Unfortunately this time they were right on the button. 263 more words