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~gentlemen's sport~

Yesterday, this:

~finish of the Varsity race~

Today, the victors parade through town:

Well, OK, it was actually the Memorial Day Parade through Camden (then Rockport) with the Maine State High School Boys Crew champs, Megunticook Rowing! 283 more words


Trees and Tracks

So how am I doing with the Jonas Leaving part? I’ve been getting asked this question a lot. But I guess it’s not so sudden for me, since I’ve been processing it already for about three months. 572 more words



I guess I could already see it coming after all,¬†even though I tried so hard not to look. Back in October, along that beautiful autumn wall… 934 more words


Snuggled in/Light returning

OK. There has been so much going on this January in our family. Most recently: SNOWPOCALYPSE! EPIC, ALL-CAPS BLIZZARD! On the day before the storm, I was driving on the highway from Massachusetts and there were no less than 5 highway alert signs to the tune of: … 549 more words




What on earth is this center-everything nonsense? The way my photos came in was in this interesting collage approach, which was also a surprise. 422 more words


wall wanderings

{I mentioned the Wall Creator in the last post. (Wow, was that weeks ago already?!) Here are some shots of those walls I love so much.} 765 more words



I don’t usually have much to show you during the week because there is just not enough time. And it’s OK. It is so OK. So on the weekend is when I get to breathe a little bit. 637 more words