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Braid's Game Soundtrack | #GameAudio #Soundtrack

A friend of mine (and blog reader) told me last week: I’m waiting for you to publish something about the Braid’s soundtrack. And I thought: well…….. 1,081 more words

Game Audio

Unimated Reviews: Braid and Fez

Braid and Fez are 2D puzzle platformers that require the player take control of the dimensions of the game to make progress: in Braid by manipulating the flow of time, and in Fez by reorienting your perspective of space. 5,017 more words


In Praise of Jonathan Blow's Braid

It would be unthinkable for me to recommend the vast majority of video games.  Most are time-wasting and uninteresting to me, despite my childhood spent playing games in nearly all genres.   394 more words


The Witness – Release Date Trailer

This game appeals to my Fez sensibilities. Can’t wait!


Progress Bar Radio: What's The Point Of A Level Only 1% Can Beat?

The Witness has a level that only 1% of players will be able to beat. What’s the point of that? Is Jonathan Blow calling out YouTube and walkthrough users? 59 more words


BRAID Creator Jonathan Blow Finally Announces Release Date for THE WITNESS

Jonathan Blow, the man behind the famously well received game Braid, released a trailer for his long running project The Witness on YouTube today showing off the game’s surreal scenery and ending in a release date. 263 more words


The Weekly Gazette

I’d use the same introduction I did on the last Weekly Gazette, but I actually wrote this one before and scheduled the publishing to Sunday, so it wouldn’t be true. 390 more words