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The Witness, Let's Plays, And Continuity of Perception



Lately I’ve been reading up on the Jonathan Blow game The Witness, and also looking up Let’s Play on it. 2,269 more words


Braid and Arkham Knight

Lately few new games have caught my attention. The exception being Civilization VI that I will eventually purchase for sure. I have come to enjoy these “lows” (in a strictly subjective sense) as they give me the chance to catch up a bit on the better games in the backlog. 513 more words


Cinematography and Exploration in The Witness

Imagine being alone on an island where youʼre left to your own devices. All you have to rely on are your observations based on the subtle clues that little piece of land had to offer. 3,475 more words

Game Analysis

If Mario had a therapist... on Braid (PC) and Jonathan Blow

Braid is not a fun game. And that’s the point. Or so indie games designer Jonathan Blow says. Convenient, you might think, but I suspect Jonathan actually means what he says. 935 more words


Unhappy Ending: Art Isn't Always Fun

During our discussion in class today about Braid, one student made the astute observation that, while the game is sometimes so difficult it isn’t even fun, perhaps that’s the point. 459 more words


The Witness gets Xbox One release date

Thekla and Jonathan Blow have announced an Xbox One release date for puzzle game hit: The Witness. The date? September 13th. 219 more words


Video Game Review: The Witness

The Witness first came to my attention while I was perusing a popular gaming magazine, the name of which I cannot recall, my sister had subscribed to years ago. 1,481 more words

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