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Games of the Decade, 2007–2017

Wait … what? Who does that? Who makes a decade-long retrospective in a year ending in anything but a 9? And who publishes a retrospective in any month but December? 1,377 more words

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Eye Candy: Braid Review

Telling the multifaceted narrative of protagonist Tim and his love for a princess, Braid takes the concept of time and harnesses it to complicate the past and further mystify the future. 510 more words


Let's Study The Witness

This past March, at SCMS, I walked out on a paper being delivered by Oscar Moralde on The Witness (Thekla, Inc, 2016). I did so not out of disinterest. 4,481 more words

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Where Inspiration Comes From

Recently I have been reading Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon. And by recently I mean on and off over an extended period of time, but also recently as well. 559 more words




In the early nineties, a man named Jonathan Blow began studying computer science and creative writing at University of California, Berkeley fresh off his high school education. 4,318 more words

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The Witness Is Not In Development For Nintendo Switch "At This Time"

It looks like there’s some hope for the possibility that Nintendo Switch owners will eventually be able to get their hands on The Witness. However, according to lead game designer Johnathan Blow, a Switch port of the acclaimed puzzle game is not in the works “at this time.” Hopefully this will change sooner rather than later, as a number of fans seem to want to play it on their Nintendo console. 17 more words