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PSTS Episode 201 - Pokemon Go, INSIDE Review, and Hyped-Up Games That Are Okay


Two weeks since the last podcast and very little news in sight means that Jeff and J.D. have a lot of time to talk about the games they’ve been playing since then. 32 more words


PSTS Episode 200 - The Witness Reviews, Mass Effect Novels, and Tetris Movie(s)


Like that, all news is gone. What’s to talk about? How about a review of a game that’s been out since winter? There are some tidbits from the Kickstarter side, some classic game being recreated, and a couple of interesting patches in Doom. 12 more words


Video game journalists: Orlando massacre is not your soap box

Justin McElroy one of the video game journalists at Polygon posted the Tweet below in response to what was happening in Orlando when the news broke. 532 more words


Thinking about Thinking in The Witness

Language. This one word riddled every single article about The Witness when it was first released and undergoing the two week spurt of reviews and thought pieces that is the natural life span of games writing. 339 more words

Game Criticism

Indie Game: The Movie (2012) - ★★★

The video game industry is still relatively new, its only about thirty years old and with this documentary we see how its become a new medium for artists to express themselves. 659 more words


The Witness



And unravelings,

I will sing

Like the

Soft lines

Of your neck

Implicating the beauty

Locked within what lay above,

The solution presupposed… 72 more words


The Witness Is An Ingenious Game And I Will (Likely) Never Play It

From the moment I saw The Witness at the PS4 reveal, my interest was piqued. It appeared beautiful and intriguing. Jonathan Blow is the mastermind behind it, and, after Braid, I am on board for whatever he brings to the table. 674 more words