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Indie Arrogance: Braid

It was really interesting coming to indie darling Braid after World of Goo, in part because where the latter gooball physics puzzler succeeds mightily is precisely where the beautiful and atmospheric platform puzzler fails. 597 more words


The Ending of Braid

The ending of Jonathan Blow‘s Braid (Redmond, WA: Microsoft Studios, 2008), originally released on Xbox 360.



A few posts back I was writing about things that I’ll change for the next game that I make. One of those was the increased use of structs, especially if there is a lot of repeated code. 799 more words


For the developer, The Witness' speedrun is 10x longer than Braid's | Para el desarrollador, la carrera de velocidad de The Witness es 10 veces más largo que el de Braid

[EN]: Yesterday, game developer Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, mentioned on Twitter it took him 10x as long to do a speedrun on his upcoming title The Witness when compared to the one for his hit title, Braid. 395 more words


The Witness puzzle game from Jonathan Blow hits major development hurdle

The Witness, the long-anticipated puzzle game from Braid #creator #JonathanBlow, has passed a major milestone in its #development.

All of the game’s 677 puzzles are now locked-in. 272 more words

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The Witness - Development Milestone Reached

Some of you might remember The Witness from the 2013 PlayStation Experience, but not much was said about it since. It’s an independent exploration game from the creator of… 135 more words


Listening to the puzzle

I am anthropomorphizing puzzles a little bit, which I think is useful. A good puzzle leads the designer to help design the puzzle and often in the process of this happening the designer says, “Oh yes, I can reflect some of these same things that I followed and have the puzzle also communicate to the player.” That’s sort of a separate choice about how cryptic you want the end result to be.

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