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Indie Game: The Movie (2012) - ★★★

The video game industry is still relatively new, its only about thirty years old and with this documentary we see how its become a new medium for artists to express themselves. 659 more words


The Witness



And unravelings,

I will sing

Like the

Soft lines

Of your neck

Implicating the beauty

Locked within what lay above,

The solution presupposed… 72 more words


The Witness Is An Ingenious Game And I Will (Likely) Never Play It

From the moment I saw The Witness at the PS4 reveal, my interest was piqued. It appeared beautiful and intriguing. Jonathan Blow is the mastermind behind it, and, after Braid, I am on board for whatever he brings to the table. 674 more words


Firewatch, the Witness and Nintendo: the Aesthetic of Loneliness

Playing video games is thought to be solitary practice; regardless of what’s happening on screen, the gamer is anchored by the physical reality of sitting alone in their basement. 963 more words


What Are We Witnessing Here?

Some write friends of mine recently had a conversation about the importance of titles as parts of creative works.  We were joking in context of… 949 more words


THE WITNESS Review: Perplexing, Beautiful, and Not for Everyone

The Witness, from Jonathan Blow and his small team at Thekla Inc., is a game that somewhat inarguably holds the potential to be boasted as the epitome of adventure and exploration, puzzle-based-games creation, allowing player interaction and understanding to drive the experience without the typical crutches that often bog down most games. 1,157 more words

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