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Obamacare's slow demise

To get a good sense of what direction the perpetually around-the-corner Republican replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act will look like, read Jonathan Cohn’s piece… 392 more words


Women Are “Hurting and Fearful” of Trump? -- What About Babies’ Anxiety Toward “Pro-Choice”?

Reactions to the defeat of the Left’s darling, Hillary Clinton, are becoming borderline psychotic.1  Today, the day after Trump’s inauguration, many thousands are protesting in the streets of Washington D.C. 489 more words


Myths and realities about Obamacare premium increases

If you’re trying to figure out what’s going on regarding claims that Obamacare costs are spiraling out of control, I recommend this piece by Jonathan Chait of  196 more words


"Yet Another Conservative Argument About Poverty Appears To Be Wrong" Really?

Johnathan Cohn at the Huffington Post wrote this article titled “Yet Another Conservative Argument About Poverty Appears To Be Wrong.” It is turning up as one of the most shared today,  so you may have come across it. 515 more words