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Melvin and Howard and Something Wild (Demme, 1980 and 1986)

The National Film Archive in Prague showed these two Jonathan Demme films on pretty scratched 35mm prints. Regardless of the quality, it was great to see Demme and Tak Fujimoto’s work on the big screen. 737 more words

Florida Noir: Miami Blues

One of neo-noirs most underrated and little talked about films is George Armitage’s Miami Blues. The 1990 film is based on Charles Willeford’s 1986 novel, the first in his series featuring the dysfunctional detective, Hoke Moseley. 884 more words

Music in Film at The Woodstock Film Festival, October 3, 2009

Originally posted October 17, 2009

Director Jonathan Demme’s passing earlier this year got me thinking seriously about re-posting these old panels online. It sucked only being able to link to the Wayback Machine, so The Archives were launched to rectify that. 1,442 more words

Woodstock Film Festival

FlinterFile: Bruce Springsteen- Streets Of Philadelphia

The movie Philadelphia, about a man dying of AIDS, was released in 1993. 129 more words


The Silence of the Lambs.

“The Silence of the Lambs” Most gentle ‘Horror thriller’ ever made by any director. The delicacy with the character is just the beauty of film. Jonathan Demme truly mastered over every detailing of the plot. 544 more words

Trout Fisting In America #23 - Something WIld

My favorite movie ever made is Something Wild. Ten years ago I probably would’ve said Harold & Maude. Ten years before that I might’ve said Grosse Point Blank. 1,387 more words