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Black Mama, White Mama

When a pair of bickering prisoners (Pam Grier and Margaret Markov) make their escape, they end up on the run – but they’re handcuffed to one another. 289 more words


Philadelphia - The Wiz Retro Rewind

Some things are great forever…some have an expiration date. For this fact alone, some “All-Time Greats” need a serious reality check to see if they still stand up or can still be considered great at this present time. 1,390 more words


SXSW Diary: Day 1

Day 1, March 13, 2015

We arrived in Austin around midnight on Thursday March 12th and hung around the airport waiting for a couple of friends to land so that we could share a cab into town. 519 more words


The Stake Podcast — The Silence of the Lambs

On Valentine’s Day in 1991, a very unromantic film hit the theaters. In his original 4-star review of The Silence of the Lambs, Roger Ebert says… 164 more words



Scream ★★★★ was released in 1996 and it quickly gathered a big audience around the world. The film received mixed reviews where many thought of it as just another slasher that had been made so many times before. 197 more words


2015 Movie Challenge: The Silence of the Lambs

10/52: A movie with an animal in the title 

Having seen The Silence of the Lambs at least 1300 times, and having read the novel, I figured it was high time to post about it for real.   1,400 more words

Rachel Getting Married

The first inductee into my hollowed chamber of fame is Jonathan Demme’s “Rachel Getting Married.” Released in 2008, it came to my attention (as did so many wonderful things) via… 266 more words

Rachel Getting Married