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I WILL Love Perfectly

This blog entry is going to be shamelessly ripped from my pastor’s sermon and Jonathan Edwards’ thoughts. It was so encouraging to me that I had to share it, and I hope it’s something that warms your heart and fills you with hope as it did me! 374 more words

Christian Living

The Implications of Biblical Creationism - Genesis 1:1

9.25.16 AUDIO ONLY

Genuine belief in biblical creationism provides a worldview foundation that affects every aspect of one’s life. Jonathan Edwards shows us how crucial this belief is while answering the following questions. 38 more words


What's Wrong with the Southern Baptist Convention?

Jared Wilson observes for the Gospel Allies the 10th anniversary of the religious reporting that put the New Calvinists on the map, Collin Hansen’s Young, Restless, Reformed… 402 more words

Because Someone Has To Provide Oversight

BTG Announces October Additions to their On The Stage Series

Liz Longley

Jonathan Edwards

Will Evans

Will Evans

Berkshire Theatre Group welcomes folk phenomenon, Jonathan Edwards (10/6/16); folk singer/songwriter, Liz Longley (10/8/16); and local legends, Will Evans and Rising Tide and The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow (10/2/16) to the On The Stage Series at The Colonial Theatre. 457 more words




“The reason that so many people feel it as a burden is partly that we have so much leisure, we don’t feel the need for the Sabbath rest; but more important…is the fact that not many people really enjoy what God intended us to enjoy on the Sabbath, namely, himself.

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When Self-Glory Is Not Megalomania... but Just and Beautiful

In my last blog post, I stated that “the events that stand inside God’s great redemptive historical narrative are all meant for a very specific purpose: to glorify God. 771 more words


Divine Recycling

This man was handed over to you by God’s deliberate plan and foreknowledge; and you, with the help of wicked men, put him to death by nailing him to the cross (Acts 2:23, NIV).

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