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Terry Hetherington Young Writers Awards: Judges' Comments

The Terry Hetherington Award for Young Writers
Judges’ Comments

The judges of this year’s Award for Young Writers, named for the late Terry Hetherington, were kind enough to send over their comments on the pieces I submitted. 676 more words


Sinners in the hands of an Angry God VS. Sinners in the hands of a Merciful God

*This might not be the best subject to start on, but it’s what class started on, so let’s just do it.

So,  this is the first thing I wrote in American Lit. 624 more words

"He interposed Himself" by Jonathan Edwards

“Consider the example of your glorious Lord and Master. There was a number of the souls of men committed by the Father into His hands, that He might take care for their salvation. 405 more words

Quotable Quotes

Who Needs Fixing?: A New Perspective on Native American Missions

Are the best days behind us? Have we missed out on a golden age of missions to Native America? The history of missions to Indigenous peoples of North America is extremely complicated with much to rejoice… 674 more words

Love's Greatest Victory

Last night, I yelled at Nicky because he kept making careless mistakes with his math homework. Like really yelled at him. Like a lunatic. Over multiplication. 538 more words

Seeing Holiness

Tuesdays with Edwards!

Spiritual things appear excellent and glorious things upon the account of the holiness of them to one that has spiritual light. God appears a glorious God to him upon the account, because he is so holy a God, and not only because he is a merciful God, and because he’s been so good and merciful as to pity, and help, and save them.

455 more words