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True Soul Mates and the Uncommon Union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards

Soul mates is a phrase I love to hate. I hate it because our culture has warped its true meaning. Poets and writers have expressed the concept. 1,034 more words

A True Spiritual Experience... Transforms the Heart!

Taken and adapted from, “How To Know If You Are A Real Christian”
Written by, Jonathan Edwards.
Dated, September 28, 1752.

When a most wicked sinner is caused to see Christ’s divine loveliness, he no longer speculates why God should be interested in him, to save him. 549 more words

Jonathan Edwards and twentieth-century neuroscience according to Marilynne Robinson

In 1959 when I arrived in Berkeley to study church history at Pacific School of Religion, I was familiar with and distressed by Jonathan Edwards’ revivalist sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Early in my studies, I read more of Edwards’ writings and developed a new appreciation for his contributions to American theological and philosophical thought. 762 more words

American Religion

Sensing the Scriptures

I’ve had an ongoing conversation with a handful of church members about meditation on the Scriptures. We’ve been talking about how we practice meditation, what it is, and how we can increase in the blessing it brings to us. 520 more words


Beauty in the Commonplace

In Jonathan Edwards’ essay “The Beauty of the World,” he presents the inexplicable beauty that is found in common, natural things. Edwards observes that though these things are by far the greatest, what makes them beautiful cannot be expounded upon in scientific terms, or organized systematically. 661 more words


Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards on Scriptural Meditation

I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation. (Psalm 119:99)

For years now Christians have been warned about the danger of the mind-emptying practice of contemplative prayer, and some have taken heed. 359 more words