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Kanye West And Jonathan Franzen: A Beautiful, Dark, Twisted ... Freedom

Now that Kanye West’s My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy and Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom have both had the pristine shine of newness wear off, I think we can look back on both pieces to accurately judge their impact and what these works say about the artists who created them.  1,361 more words


It’s good to have friends in life. If you want to have friends, you have to remember that nobody’s perfect.

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen


Me, Jonathan Frazen, and Miniver Cheevy

Nothing original here from me, but I could not agree more with Frazen’s take on what’s wrong with the world today (and his nostalgia).  The world is so full of intellectual and spiritual poverty, and the public is so cowed by corporations and the apparatus of national security, that ameliorating things is difficult. 6,585 more words

Jonathan Frazen

Freedom and Goldenrod

A month ago, I wrote about atonement, asking my daughter Jessica to go for a walk and making amends. That conversation, rescheduled due to Jessica’s sick cat and other obligations, happened this past weekend. 499 more words


More Snobbery

I came across this article satirizing book clubs on Jezebel. The article had me chuckling, but the comments are even better, and are in the same vein as my “Book Snob” post the other day. 144 more words