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Jonathan Lethem A Gambler’s Anatomy (Doubleday, 2016)

by Mark Bresnan

Jonathan Lethem is much cooler than me. I admit that without bitterness or sarcasm. Reading Lethem’s novels and essays sometimes feels like snooping through the eclectic bookshelves at your impossibly hip friend’s new condo: here’s the Criterion edition of… 1,099 more words


5 Thoughts: "Gun, With Occasional Music"

 Lately I’ve been on a film noir kick. It all started with a Time Life collectors’ issue I saw on a newsrack at the supermarket and decided to add some titles to my Netflix DVD queue. 1,443 more words


The important questions: Is it inappropriate to dip a burger in ketchup, rather than spread it on?

In Jonathan Lethem’s new novel, A Gambler’s Anatomy, the protagonist gets some “mad props” (and an extra slider) from the owner of a burger shop when he squirts ketchup and mustard on the paper plate beside his burger rather than on the sweaty meat itself. 471 more words


A Gambler's Anatomy: The Servant of Luck

Jonathan Lethem is a fascinating author. I’ve previously read two of his novels, Gun with Occasional Music and the Fortress of Solitude, and while I’ve quite enjoyed both of them, they’re rather different. 805 more words


A Gambler's Anatomy is classic Jonathan Lethem, defying genre, it is a literary page-turner

A Gambler’s Anatomy
By Jonathan Lethem
304 pp; $36.95

Backgammon is a simple game. Two players move 15 checkers in opposite directions along the 24 points of the board, each trying to bring their pieces home. 909 more words


12 October 2016: Today's crime fiction links

2016 CWA DAGGER AWARD WINNERS: On Oct. 11, at an Awards Gala Dinner, in London, the CWA announced the winners of the 2016 Dagger Awards. 86 more words