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5 New Literary Fictions

Innocents and Others by Dana Spiotta (12 Jan 2017)
Meadow Mori and Carrie Wexler grew up together in Los Angeles, and both became film-makers.

Meadow makes challenging documentaries; Carrie makes successful feature films with a feminist slant. 941 more words

THE ENDURANCE OF LITERATURE: on "The Late American Novel: Writers on the Future of Books" (edited by Jeff Martin and C. Max Magee)

Here, with minor edits, is a piece written originally for the first iteration of the Glasgow Review of Books. It appeared online in April 2011, and as that version of the site has not been archived, I am re-posting it here.  2,628 more words

Just Talking: My "Conversations with ..."


 Looking back to the mid-Eighties when I stumbled unto the opportunity to publish a hip downtown magazine  I am not clear on how I fell into the habit/practice of arranging conversations/interviews with contemporary writers, photographers, film directors, cartoonists, poets, painters and all manner of creative individuals. 193 more words

Great First Lines

“Running out of gas, Rabbit Angstrom thinks as he stands behind the summer-dusty windows of the Springer Motors display room watching the traffic go by on Route 111, traffic somehow thin and scared compared to what it used to be.” 459 more words

Gambler's Anatomy by Jonathan Lethem

I really like Jonathan Lethem, and I’m interested in checking out whatever he does. This isn’t his best work, it doesn’t have that punch, but it is interesting, and I did enjoy it. 554 more words



Jonathan Lethem A Gambler’s Anatomy (Doubleday, 2016)

by Mark Bresnan

Jonathan Lethem is much cooler than me. I admit that without bitterness or sarcasm. Reading Lethem’s novels and essays sometimes feels like snooping through the eclectic bookshelves at your impossibly hip friend’s new condo: here’s the Criterion edition of… 1,099 more words