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Getting Engaged (with sources)

“You need to engage with the text” is one of the most necessary and frustrating pieces of feedback given to writing students.

During my MA program, I received exactly one C grade, which I earned on a small writing assignment. 1,700 more words

The Dystopian Promise of Neo-Liberalism

I spent late last week laid up with the flu.  This means I read. A lot.  I don’t have the patience for TV when I’m sick, unless it’s hockey.  407 more words


The work wants to be made

I usually write about reading and writing, but today I want to expand and talk about other stuff as well—all the sources that have been sustaining me through this horrible summer. 628 more words


Offbeat Motherless Brooklyn resonates

What makes your protagonist different?  What makes him memorable?  Get this question right, and you’re halfway to a decent story.  Get it wrong – too quirky, too stereotypical, too shallow – and you’re probably doomed.   313 more words


Chronic City Book Analysis

Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City is yet another Manhattan novel, filled with the oh-so-familiar bohemian paranoid types stuck in the haze and bustle of Noo York trying to figure shit out. 995 more words

Reading Round-Up: 16th July, 2016

June and July have been surprisingly good for reading material. Let me tell you about it!

Elizabeth Hay — A Student of Weather

A better title for this book might have been  446 more words


Saul Bellow, writing to a friend who’d taken offense at Bellow’s fictional use of certain personal facts, said, “The name of the game is Give All.

37 more words