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Chronic City Book Analysis

Jonathan Lethem’s Chronic City is yet another Manhattan novel, filled with the oh-so-familiar bohemian paranoid types stuck in the haze and bustle of Noo York trying to figure shit out. 995 more words

Reading Round-Up: 16th July, 2016

June and July have been surprisingly good for reading material. Let me tell you about it!

Elizabeth Hay — A Student of Weather

A better title for this book might have been  446 more words


Saul Bellow, writing to a friend who’d taken offense at Bellow’s fictional use of certain personal facts, said, “The name of the game is Give All.

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Swords v Cthulhu read-a-thon | Introduction

When Molly Tanzer, author of fun books like Vermilion and The Pleasure Merchant, asked me to review Swords v Cthulhu, the upcoming anthology she’s put together with Jesse Bullington, I was more than happy to do so… given that the book, released in July, has been on my to-buy list more or less since it was first announced. 198 more words


What happens when an allusion goes unrecognized? A closer look at The Waste Land may help make this point. The body of Eliot’s poem is a vertiginous mélange of quotation, allusion, and “original” writing.

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Oh, A Bay Area Book-Festin' I Did Go

This last weekend I was totally excited to fly out of a record-breaking desert heatwave in Arizona, and attend the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California. 627 more words

Musings Of A Different Nature

The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem

Something supremely satisfying in knowing that a writer that you like likes the same things as you, thinks about the world the same way. Jonathan Lethem is one of my favorite contemporary novelists, and I really enjoyed this collection, which is mostly essays with a few pieces of short fiction tossed in. 345 more words