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My cowspiracy theory // JImmy Duchesne


Out of the two CTW classes I took this year, CTW 1 has been the more provocative course in the way it has forced me to continue to think about those topics, even after the course was finished. 2,740 more words


These last two quarters have really messed with my perspective like nothing else I’ve experienced in the past. My own self trust has been challenged and it scares me to think that some of the things I tell myself or that others tell me may not be entirely correct or moral. 807 more words


From the title, you can probably tell that this class has been all over the place. During my first year at Santa Clara University, every freshman was required to take a course called Critical Thinking and Writing (CTW), divided into two parts over two quarters. 1,778 more words

Extrem de tare, incredibil de aproape, Jonathan Safran Foer – Editura Humanitas Fiction (Colecția Raftul Denisei)

Știu de la Tomata cu scufiță despre Extrem de tare, incredibil de aproape, Jonathan Safran Foer de foarte multă vreme, dar de atunci și până acum, recunosc, am uitat de această carte ecranizată. 1,554 more words

Literatură Contemporană

"The mistakes I've made are dead to me. But I can't take back the things I never did."

Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Foer was born in 1977, has published 4 novels and 1 non fiction. He now teaches Creative Writing at NYU. 50 more words


Bridging Trauma Through the Use of Language and Images: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close captured personalized individual trauma by use of different character narratives. Foer uses three different narratives, Oskar and his grandparents, in order to try to convey the trauma that they have gone through by language and images in order to heal or allow the readers to empathetically feel the trauma they’ve gone through. 1,406 more words


Jonathan Safran Foer

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A favorite author of mine is Jonathan Safran Foer, due to his ability to portray something so specific, and not at all generalised, with an endless sea of details and quirks, but simultaneously deliver the most relatable and deep cutting of emotions. 731 more words

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