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How Artists Can Fight Internet Monopolies: UGA Terry College Artists Rights Symposium Keynote By Jon Taplin — The Trichordist

Readers of this blog know that that Terry College of Business at University of Georgia hosted the inaugural Artists Rights Symposium Jan 23 2018. All the panel videos are now available on the Terry College of Business YouTube Channel.

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If You Happen To Be In Berkley

On September 25, 2017 the Berkley Center for New Media is presenting “World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech” that has our attention: 304 more words


Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

“I cannot imagine how anyone could even think of writing a novel without having at least a vague idea of the 10,000 years of literature that have gone before.” 731 more words

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It's time to fix things - a review of "Move Fast and Break Things"

When the topic of monopoly is raised the first person that many people will think of is Rich Uncle Pennybags – that icon of monopolistic wealth accumulation – with his large white mustache… 4,739 more words


The Inventor, the Mogul, and the Thief . . . and the Music Library. Can music really get free?

The news that at the end of 2016 sales of vinyl records had reached a 25-year high is, on the face of it, surprising.  It is not too long since we were told that all physical formats, including CDs, were dinosaurs and that in the era of downloads and streaming, they would disappear.   1,283 more words

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@khart: [Not] Policing the power of tech giants

The world’s largest tech companies — Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple — have become enormous concentrations of wealth and data, drawing the attention of economists and academics who warn they’re growing too powerful.

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Q+A: the influence of technology giants

Thirty years ago IBM was the technology giant. Then with the advent of micro computers – personal and business computers – Microsoft took over as the dominant technology company. 65 more words