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Jonathan Taplin's 'Letter to The Millenials'

The article, originally found on Medium, can be found here.

The article is subtitled ‘A Boomer Professor talks to his students’ but it was clearly posted for a larger audience. 445 more words


Google Glasses... an invasion to privacy? ESL activity: listening and writing

 11 Dec 2013

“We recently had to ask a rude customer to leave because of their insistence on wearing and operating Google Glasses inside the restaurant.” 518 more words

English As A Second Language (ESL)

USC Studies How Online Piracy Profits from Advertising Revenues

Some great work has been done this year by Jonathan Taplin and the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab in studying the relationship between online ad networks and media piracy for profit. 99 more words

Ad Sponsored Piracy

What the FTC Should Know About Brand Sponsored Piracy and Google's "Pinto Problem"

A Picture Speaks 1000 Words

The Los Angeles Times published yesterday a story about the USC-Annenberg Innovation Lab first monthly report on brand sponsored piracy–the purchase by major brands of advertising inventory located on pirate websites.  1,822 more words

Artist Rights

First USC-Annenberg Brand Supported Piracy Report and Google Response

Professor Jonathan Taplin of the USC-Annenberg Innovation Lab released the first monthly report on brand supported piracy that demonstrates how major brands make pirates rich (not to mention the ad networks that take a cut–or some might say a vigorish–along the way. 376 more words

Artist Rights

Thank you again @johnmellencamp: USC-Annenberg starts corporate responsibility study for brand-supported piracy

MTP readers will recall our many posts about what we call “brand-supported piracy“:  The purchase of advertising inventory on pirate sites by major brands wishing to reach their target audience.  1,183 more words

Ad Supported Piracy