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This New Netflix Documentary About JonBenet Ramsey Is Eerie [VIDEO]

With a ton of documentaries coming out about the most high profile murders from the 90’s, its nice to see a new spin on them. I had to watch this trailer a couple times to really wrap my mind around what was happened but once I got it, it definitely gave me the creeps. 27 more words


Casting JonBenet

JonBenet Ramsey and I were the same age so when the story broke out about her death, I was really too young to process it. To this day, even though there was sort of closure, there wasn’t really. 106 more words

This Or That

Netflix's New JonBenet Ramsey Documentary Is So Creepy -- Watch Haunting First Trailer

Think you know the whole story? Think again! The puzzling murder case of JonBenet Ramsey is playing out for obsessed audiences all over again in a chilling new Netflix documentary titled, ‘Casting JonBenet.’ Watch the haunting first trailer, here! 353 more words


It's been 21 years and the case of Jonbenet Ramsey still remains unsolved! Why?

Jonbenet Patricia Ramsey was a 6 year old beauty pageant queen from Colorado  from a  rich family back then and had done several pageant works like her mom and the day after Christmas in 1996, the little girl was found dead in her own house in the basement. 951 more words

Conspiracy Theories

True/False 2017 Review: Kitty Green’s ‘Casting JonBenet’

Context is everything in Kitty Green’s documentary Casting JonBenet. The 1996 murder of six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey quickly became a media sensation in the U.S., garnering scrutiny and gossip from around the world. 827 more words



Not much to say here – what can you say, really?

20 years ago last December, on Christmas Day, the nation was forever changed by the violent death of this little girl. 289 more words