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Tombstone Tuesday - Where will I be laid to rest?

As a genealogist, death doesn’t bother me.  The dying part does, but not death.  I love wandering around cemeteries. And I spend time thinking about the problem of where I will be laid to rest.   207 more words

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DVD with Highlights of my walk available now


      If you’re interested, I now have a DVD for sale  with highlights of my walk retracing Military Road from Iowa City to Dubuque.  The day I passed through Anamosa, I stopped by the local newspaper, Becky, had a set of questions for me, she had the video tape recorder running, after I completed the walk, I sent her a DVD with my pictorial high lights.    58 more words

Dillon's Furrow

Grant Wood and Lyman Dillon Post # 28

     There is  11 ft by 41 foot  mural titled “Breaking the Prairie Sod designed by Grant Wood located at the Parks Library in Ames Iowa.   I happen to have a post card of that mural.  205 more words

Dillon's Furrow

Post # 26 Writing The Book Begins In Earnest


     Wagon train from about 1980


     This will be a short post.  I’ve completed my first goal of walking Old Military Road/ Lyman Dillon’s furrow on foot, my next step is to write a book titled  “On The Trail Of Lyman Dillon”.  181 more words

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Post # 23 Retracing The Route From Solon To Monticello Today

   Today (May 18th 2008)  was a beautiful day for a ride in the car so we drove to Solon to try and firm up how far I would attempt to walk each day as well as places  to spend some of the nights.  314 more words

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Post # 22 Gus Norlin Research Material

        Today is March 31 2008.  It’s been raining off and on all day….thought it would be a good time to post an update on our research project of Lyman Dillon.  326 more words

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Post # 21- Oral History Interview Number 5 And Another Book For The Monk Collection


      Saturday February 16th 2008 I headed to Mt Vernon Iowa with L. and K. P. to interview R. P.  a local historian.  He had agreed to let me bring my camcorder .  746 more words

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