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In the End, Aren't We All?

“I’m not the kind that needs to tell you
Just what you want me to.”
Bernard Sumner

When I was a child, my second grade teacher told my class- 3,758 more words

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Wingnuts Asunder

Distributor Cap has a most Wonderful Wingnut Mashup at Black Magpie Theory.

Come by. Say Hello. It’s Tuesday. What else are you gonna do?

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Teabaggers in the Morning

Cross posted at Black Magpie Theory

“I don’t really understand it, but I like what they stand for…They just support everything I’m looking for — lower taxes, less government.” 1,144 more words

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The World Is MINE!@!!

Sons of suicides seldom do well.
Characteristically, they find life lacking a certain zing.
(God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater)

And the Summer of Our Discontent is fading into the Fall from a really High Building w/out a Mixed Metaphorical Paddle. 872 more words

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Fred Thompson- For God's Sake, Give It Up

Fred Thompson (Son of Used Car Salesman) is an Obese Buffoon.  A Smug Pumpkin of a man. His Head Empty as Stupid, if Stupid were a Second Rate Actor with Age Spots, and Burgeoning Memory Loss. 617 more words

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A Personal Message for Dr. Laura

I stuck a six-inch gold blade in the head of a girl

I say this without a Hint of Arrogance:

I Spin Gold, like Rumpelstiltskin. 635 more words

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