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A Thousand Lives - Julia Scheeres

Short & Sweet: A Thousand Lives creates a strikingly clear photograph of Jonestown, from its humble beginnings, decent into madness, the horrible abuse suffered after the exodus, all the way up to that fateful November day. 784 more words


Jonestown delivered the unexpected.

Jonestown – Deliverance

I’ve always been told to not judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve pretty much always judged a book by it’s cover. 80 more words


Kool (Aid) and the Gang

I’m definitely thinking stickers, but maybe also on a t shirt or tote bag. We’ll see.

Interesting fact: they used Flavour Aid rather than Kool Aid, simply because it was cheaper. 9 more words

UPDATE: Police search for missing 9 year old Lebanon County boy

LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. -UPDATE: PSP report missing 9 year old Josiah Helm, was located at about 3:36 p.m. safe and sound.

PREVIOUSLY REPORTED: Pennsylvania State Police are on the lookout for a missing 9 year Lebanon County old boy. 143 more words


Jim Jones, Jonestown, and Alternative Viewpoints

You might’ve thought while watching the PBS documentary on Jonestown in class that there are some good elements to Jim Jones’ ideas. Don’t worry – it’s not a sign that you’re prone to join a cult. 94 more words

Notes And Homework

Jonestown Preview

“Meet me in the back of the bus,” he whispered in my ear as he walked down the aisle. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. 3,380 more words

A 1970s Time Capsule from #AtoZChallenge - J is for Jonestown Massacre


A 1970’s Time Capsule


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The A to Z Challenge has dueling decades going on.  888 more words