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Not a Good Son

 by James C. Stephens

Friday, April 23, 1971

Today, Sogohonbucho leaves for Japan…Over the last few days my worst nature has been coming out. But I must face it, it is mine and no one else’s. 387 more words

Jim Jones, Jonestown: False Christ, Deceiver, Forerunner

One False Christ Produced by a Country of Such Men

Over 38 years ago, 900 people were killed in a mass murder/suicide in Jonestown, Guyana–more formally known as the People’s Temple Agricultural Project. 1,283 more words

End Time Deception

I Heard A Rumor About You...

Let me guess, you think this post is about you, don’t you?

I heard a rumor that you have every Nickelback song ever recorded on your Ipod. 409 more words


Film Review: Jonestown: Paradise Lost

Hey Droogz and Diamonds!

I hope you guys checked out Goodnight Mommy and Nicky’s Family. Goodnight Mommy is playing in selective theaters in NYC and Nicky’s Family is on Netflix. 156 more words


The Jonestown in Me

My latest obsession is Jonestown. Yes, that infamous place in Guyana where hundreds of devoted people died under the leadership of Jim Jones. According to Jim Jones, they took their lives as a protest to the conditions of the world, and they did so with dignity. 365 more words

Social Commentary

After Hearing the Death Tape

be wise
to the lies
of he in the disguise
of a prophet

who urges haste
sweet death to taste
from the bitter race
of life to stop it… 46 more words


Adam's Fun Facts: Seattle, MC Hammer, Bra Clasp Inventor & More

Who invented the bra clasp?  What was the original name of Seattle?  What was MC Hammer doing before he got famous?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts: 118 more words