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People Not Like Us

On this day in 1978, over 900 men, women, and children ceased to exist.

I don’t typically celebrate these kinds of anniversaries.  But I do know that I have need to say that they existed more than that they died.  315 more words



Another year, another anniversary. It seems, given recent events, especially timely to remember where hatred leads.

Terror, born in hatred and nurtured by evil, doesn’t always come from somewhere else. 1,537 more words


this day in crime history: november 18, 1978

On this date in 1978, members of the People’s Temple cult in Guyana assassinated Congressman Leo Ryan, who had traveled to the South American country to investigate allegations of abuse made against the cult.  81 more words

True Crime

Ben talks Halloween: 4 true stories more horrific than horror films

Sometimes we need to look no further than history for horror stories and unsettling mysteries. All the events in this blog are true and historically accurate. 1,367 more words


It Was A Dark and Stormy Time

I am a late baby boomer, born at the tail end of that teeming generation. Growing up during the 60’s and 70’s, Halloween was always such a fun and safe holiday. 546 more words

Jonestown & Mass Murders

Let’s immediately dispel some myths about Jonestown:

  1.  It wasn’t Kool-Aid.  It was a mixture of poisons including cyanide and they did offer flavor packets as well as soda, tea, and other things to put with it in order to get the incredibly bitter and foul-smelling gunk down.
  2. 1,246 more words
Everything Else

Isiah Thomas & James Dolan speak! A real-time diary

HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel featured an interview this week with Knick owner James Dolan and former antichrist Isiah Thomas. I wrote a real-time recap of the event, an interview which will seem familiar to anyone who’s listened to audio recordings of the Jonestown suicide (I have; highly recommend!). 46 more words

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