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Did Jesus just say something, or was it the Kool-Aid?

In my line of work I occasionally have meetings with people who have decided to leave church.

‘Exit meetings’

After a little discussion around why they’re ‘leaving church’, I generally I go one further and ask them why they don’t leave faith altogether… 1,353 more words

James Layton

Forestville Cult Seeks Members

Primal Void, a Forestville based cult, is soliciting applicants for membership this month, according to their spokesperson and leader Altair.

Altair, also known as Bucky Weaver, is the owner of Bucky’s Pawnshop on Broad Street (open 9-5 daily except Sunday) when not the hypersensitive and arrogant head of the cult. 230 more words

Local Characters

Land of the Frontier Saints - a novel

My first novel, Land of the Frontier Saints, is now available to buy for Kindle on Amazon. It’s also available in print format.
192 more words


Weekly Playlist 21/12/16

There is no theme for this week’s playlist but it does contain some kick ass music, so hopefully, that is enough. We have tracks from the always controversial  37 more words


The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple by Jeff Guinn

I’ve been curious about Jonestown since the 1970s, finding myself fascinated in general about cults and repelled by the horror of Jonestown. I lived in Humboldt County, not all that far from Jones’s settlement in Ukiah, and we heard bits and pieces about the group (sort of like when we moved to Santa Cruz, hearing about the “red people”) – then the astonishing news when it all turned to hell in Guyana. 914 more words



From the closed internal criticism sessions of Redwood Valley to the suicide drills held on the remote three-thousand acre installation surrounded by the treacherous rain forests of northwest Guyana, WHITE NIGHT SUICIDE CHOIR presents a tour de force into the very heart of darkness. 84 more words

unreleased track: "Fell in Love in Jonestown"

Fell in love in Jonestown
Her hair was dark red
her eyes were brown

I fell in love in Jonestown
Wanna go talk to her… 93 more words