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Get down, get down ...

Kind of like the Popemobile, this is “faith in action”.

If willing, you may find it here. Enjoy: or don’t.

Fun fact: many refer to the use of Kool Aid to disseminate the cyanide, but the People’s Temple actually opted for the cheaper variant, Flavouraid. 11 more words


KOOL-AID: seriously. do you not get the Kool-aid reference?

Really did think the whole “drinking the Kool-Aid” idiom was one everyone would get. Maybe you’re all too young. Maybe there aren’t enough Americans reading this. 561 more words

Giorge Thomas

I'm not sure what I'm saying but that has never stopped me speaking before

So Charles Manson died.
The ‘mass murderer’ who never actually killed anyone, he just got his followers to do that shit for him.  They didn’t fuck around either.
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this day in crime history: november 18, 1978

On this date in 1978, members of the People’s Temple cult in Guyana assassinated Congressman Leo Ryan, who had traveled to the South American country to investigate allegations of abuse made against the cult.  70 more words

True Crime

Book Update Thursday 11/16/17

I finished Outlander.  I’m so happy to have finished it, because I honestly think I hated it.  I don’t understand the appeal of this book.  399 more words


Believe me

Halloween just passed, but for those of you who aren’t ready to cede their horror reading for cozy holiday books, Anna has some more chilling tales for you… 639 more words


A Broken Utopia

The Jonestown Documentary, “The Village” and “The Lottery”

The Jonestown Documentary, the text “The Lottery” and the film “The Village” are examples of societies in which an authority figure or figures ensure peace and security to its followers, but sometimes the level of strictness and the need for obedience can lead to extreme actions. 845 more words