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Utopia (Jonestown)

An impatient pavilion awaits its decay.
Eight graves on the lip of the former
community lie under weeds and tree trunks
and their tightly donned shade. 22 more words

Creative Writing

15 - Definitely Not Episode 16

May 5, 2016

  • Karen admits to wanting to kill people sometimes.
  • We don’t talk shit about other podcasts on the Facebook page.
  • Georgia got T-shirt…
  • 29 more words

Ten Thoughts About THE SACRAMENT

Eli Roth’s name should have tipped me off. Curiosity 1, John 0

The DVD cover, with tasteful imagery (a cross, a wooden chair, a very uncomfortable-looking bench) and quotes from mainstream press (Variety) give an impression of Prestige. 577 more words

Gentrification and Me

Full disclosure: I’ve benefited, more than most, from gentrification.

Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed the new restaurants mushrooming up in DC, I’ve invested in real estate in neighborhoods I knew were changing. 428 more words


Cults and Churches: Both Meet Your Needs

Recently I watched a few documentaries about Jim Jones, an American cult leader and Jonestown the commune he built in Guyana, South America. While reading the comments section there were many who referred to these cult members as “stupid”, “morons”, “idiots” and other mean insults about intelligence. 550 more words

The Road to Jonestown

Most of us know only about the end, how it all turned out. We’ve probably said something about drinking the Kool-aid without knowing where the expression comes from. 361 more words