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Why you wouldn't want to be a Jim Jones liberal

The late murderous cult leader Jim Jones was very methodical and somewhat effective in how he operated his Peoples Temple. So effective that he talked most of his followers into committing suicide-by-poisoned-Kool-Aid in the jungle of Guyana in South America after ordering the murders of a group from the US who visited his camp to retrieve cult members being held against their will. 557 more words


Day 930: Early Warning

Early Warning is the second in Jane Smiley’s Last Hundred Years trilogy. It continues the story of the Langdon family, picking up in the 1950’s and ending in 1985. 478 more words


No. 1 for Thax Douglas (pre-guitargig orator extraordinaire).

On Monday the brian jonestown massacre blistered us with 3 hours of sound and at the end everyone stood still about to shout like mantric louts “1 more tune” !!! 61 more words


11/22/63 by Stephen King

One would think that a self-professed Stephen King fan, such as yours truly, would have devoured this book ages ago. Sadly, it took me a while to come to my bloody senses and (finally!!!) read this book. 855 more words

Book Review

A Thousand Lives - Julia Scheeres

Short & Sweet: A Thousand Lives creates a strikingly clear photograph of Jonestown, from its humble beginnings, decent into madness, the horrible abuse suffered after the exodus, all the way up to that fateful November day. 784 more words


Jonestown delivered the unexpected.

Jonestown – Deliverance

I’ve always been told to not judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve pretty much always judged a book by it’s cover. 80 more words


Kool (Aid) and the Gang

I’m definitely thinking stickers, but maybe also on a t shirt or tote bag. We’ll see.

Interesting fact: they used Flavour Aid rather than Kool Aid, simply because it was cheaper. 9 more words