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The Dying Of Summer Lawns

*This poem is an homage to a musician I have a lot of respect for, Joni Mitchell.  The inspiration came to me today as my front yard was being dug up, and I happened to be reminded of Joni, who is currently suffering from Morgellon’s Disease and a brain aneurysm.  307 more words


The Four Oh Project: Joni Mitchell's The Hissing of Summer Lawns

In 1975, I was 15 and while much of that year was unique to my experience and location, I did one thing that a lot of 15 year olds did during the ’70s: I wore out copies of vinyl records playing them over and over again. 1,687 more words


Think I'm crazy about Joni Mitchell now...

On my way back home from vacation yesterday, I listened to quite a lot of music on my Ipad. Listened to two albums by Joni Mitchell last night. 195 more words


JONI MITCHELL - " A Woman In The East " Tokyo 1983

“A WOMEN IN THE EAST” deluxe vinyl available from http://www.plastichead.com order link below



A Joni Mitchell… 147 more words


Inspiration of the Day - Big Yellow Taxi

When I was a child I heard the song “Big Yellow Taxi”, by Joni Mitchell. I probably heard it from the radio or a record of my mom’s, I’m not sure, but I never forgot it. 488 more words

Cafe House, Smoking Joni, and Weasel Baiting

I was stood in the stairwell of an old house that was being renovated, taking photos of the half-plastered walls, and stairwell that had no stairs. 722 more words


Orange Peels and Breadcrusts...

I have been on a rather obsessive Joni Mitchell kick as of late, “Carey” and “A Case of You” have been on repeat since May. The latter being the unfortunate theme song of my  most recent relationship. 404 more words