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Gay Awareness

I don’t know why these Facebook ads are popping up. Maybe it’s because I am listed as both a christian and (privately) as gay. Maybe it’s because one of my friends likes his Facebook page, but author Landon Schott has released a book called… 3,034 more words

Presentations day at CECAM with the students and staff on March 11, 2016

Last week we had many in class presentations with the students at the UPEMOR about the waste management. The group at CECAM showed us how they do their presentations and asked us for some feedback and to make a proposal if we want to make some changes. 387 more words


Our first week in UPERMOR

A lovely sight

panorama view

They do vermicomposting at CECAM

view as you make towards CECAM

One of the school buildings

Flagged football game

Our first week at the UPEMOR is so different than at the UPN. 550 more words


An outing to visit an indigenous community

My product

This one caught my eye

Group picture after our pottery class. we had three ladies behind the lense taking this picture they did not want to be in it… 862 more words


Top 3 High Waisted Jeans 2016


Finding the right jeans is a tough one. Everyone has individual styles, body shapes and activities that need to fit with their jean criteria. Lately I’ve been wearing high waisted jeans, they’re comfy and they are easy to style up or down. 215 more words


Fresh food right from the gardens

Planting seeds

Different types of plants

Mmm… Strawberries

Lovely green garden

Nice a beautiful colors, sold at the school market

lunch anyone, fresh strawberries grown right by the dining area… 605 more words


Joni Mitchell's River

I never knew what went through my late mother’s head when she would play Joni Mitchell’s classic vintage hit River.

For me, this is a song epitomizes a particular feeling you hold for a particular relationship; a turning point where “things weren’t supposed to be this way” and you wish things were undone almost as much as the ever-present instinct to flee and cut out those feelings. 248 more words