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My Fashion Guilty Pleasure: Joni Jeans

Joni Jeans have been a fashion staple for some time, and over the last year or two, I have definitely done my bit in supporting this fashion trend. 658 more words


Week 1 1/2

Today we’re thinking about projections

Joni Journal

Weekend Photos

Bought a Joni record this weekend and went on a hike, as well.  Trying to get the camera out as much as possible since I will be second shooting a wedding in June.  Practice makes better photos………..

Janji Joni (2005

Terkadang menonton film lokal menandai kecintaan akan negerinya sendiri. Janji Joni adalah sebuah film yang membuatku menyukai kembali film-film lokal. Kita kesampingkan AADC maupun era film 80-an kebawah sebelum masa Krisis Moneter.. 51 more words


Joni's Run

“When people asked about her training I replied that really she’d been training since she was 4 months old, when we bundled her up in a Snugli and stood in the wet and cold on a day much like Monday, near the Woodland Station waiting for Jon to run by before hopping on the T to watch him cross the finish line (you could do that back in 1984). 1,061 more words


Barn Boys

I grew up on a farm.  An orphanage really.  From the age of 7, I lived in the “little boys” dorm and at age of 13 I moved to the “big boys” dorm, until I was 18.  777 more words


Penumbra Forest Tours

In wine we confuse

Confusing wine

Drinking health

Unhealthy drink

A knot wept: saw

Ariadne’s spool

Has me undone

Like snowflakes

in moonjuice