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Watch | This Side Up team with Joni on 'Relevant'

Irish artists This Side Up and Joni have combined forces on the hip-hop group’s latest single/music video ‘Relevant’.

With its clattering beats and fluid word-play, This Side Up’s sound is the perfect setting for Joni’s equally smooth vocal performance. 111 more words


The Story of Jerry, Joan and Joni Part 2

This is the conclusion of my previous post; to read part 1 click here.

At the end of that busy summer of camping ministries (which we both did) he called me at home. 826 more words

The Story of Jerry, Joan and Joni Part 1

Three of the questions I am most frequently asked:

  • How did you meet Jerry?
  • Have you ever met Joni?
  • When did you start working for Joni and Friends?
  • 682 more words

You know I'd go back there tomorrow...

There are artists you are supposed to listen to, at least that is what you think in your teen years. That is why I began to try and listen to Joni Mitchell. 354 more words



a nice mellow Joni to ease you into Sunday . . .


The Dying Of Summer Lawns

*This poem is an homage to a musician I have a lot of respect for, Joni Mitchell.  The inspiration came to me today as my front yard was being dug up, and I happened to be reminded of Joni, who is currently suffering from Morgellon’s Disease and a brain aneurysm.  307 more words


The Four Oh Project: Joni Mitchell's The Hissing of Summer Lawns

In 1975, I was 15 and while much of that year was unique to my experience and location, I did one thing that a lot of 15 year olds did during the ’70s: I wore out copies of vinyl records playing them over and over again. 1,745 more words