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Chronology Challenge

Q. I presented a minister with the following chronological problem which I said, if posed by an atheist, could become a challenge to biblical inerrancy:- 859 more words


Dangerous Driving Spells Doom!

Day 3 of my Bible verse challenge.

Today a very unspiritual passage: 2 Kings 9.20.

King Joram, who allows idolatry (and is, therefore, a baddy), has been wounded and is recovering from his wounds in Jezreel when a lookout notices somebody approaching with troops. 174 more words


Joram Roukes - Various Paintings

Joram Roukes was born 1983 in Lelystad. Currently working from my studio in Groningen, the Netherlands. Roukes is currently at the moment pushing a predominantly international artistic career. 32 more words


2 Kings 9: To kill a king

I have been listening to a book about Queen Elizabeth I and she found it very difficult to sentence Mary Queen of Scots to death even though Mary had been proven to be plotting her death and downfall. 201 more words


2 Kings 1: Lightning strikes twice

You know that old saying that lightning doesn’t strike twice well I know it does. Not only when Elijah is calling it. The corner of our home in Jo’burg was struck on numerous occasions and so I learnt that if a location is one lightning likes – it certainly strikes there again. 283 more words


The lineage of Moses is in charge of the gifts given to the temple (1 Chr 26:25-26:28)

“Shebuel’s brother from Eliezer, were his son Rehabiah, and then his son Jeshaiah, and then his son Joram, and then his son Zichri, and finally his son Shelomoth. 247 more words