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Jordan Bateman: Politicians and their taxes are driving up home prices

Politicians and bureaucrats are different from the rest of us. When everyday folks look at homes, we see our future — a place to live, to raise a family, to retire. 600 more words


Stanley Tromp: De Jong change to FOI would impair scrutiny of government

On Monday, Finance Minister Mike de Jong announced a batch of modest yet welcome improvements to the B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 727 more words


Christine Van Geyn and Jordan Bateman: Ontario could learn a thing or two from B.C. about budgeting

B.C. Finance Minister Michael de Jong is in Toronto to speak to the Toronto Board of Trade Thursday about opportunities for economic growth in both B.C. 645 more words


Jordan Bateman: A simplified tax code would level the playing field

Long before he battled Superman in this month’s over-the-top film fightfest, Batman took on another comic book foe: Two-Face. Once a popular district attorney, the tragic Two-Face turned evil after half his face was horribly burned and his fractured psyche resorted to coin flips to make decisions. 637 more words


Jordan Bateman: B.C. Liberals’ put lipstick on a pig with MSP hikes

B.C. Finance Minister Michael de Jong pulled out some bright red lipstick and smeared it all over the Medical Services Premium tax pig in the 2016-17 budget Tuesday. 622 more words


Jordan Bateman: It’s time to wean film industry off corporate welfare

Every once in a while, you’ll see one of those faded red bumper stickers from 2013, pleading to “Save B.C. Film!” Well, mission accomplished — thanks to a Canadian dollar that has slumped below 70 cents US. 577 more words


A look at taxes and fees going up and changing in B.C. in 2016

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) says even if you are one of the British Columbians to benefit from the federal government, you will be paying more taxes and fees in B.C. 443 more words