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Kaj morajo storiti Lakersi, da se vrnejo med elito v Ligi NBA?

Za Los Angeles Lakersi sta dve najslabši sezoni v zgodovini te franšize. V tej so zabeležili le 21 zmag, v minuli pa 27. V končnici so nazadnje zmagali leta 2012, nazadnje pa so med najboljšimi 16 ekipami Lige NBA igrali v sezoni 2012/13, ko so jih v prvem krogu s 4-0 izločili San Antonio Spursi. 1,174 more words


2015 Transgressions: A Lakers Season Review

Imagine starting a race with the illusion of an equal playing field, but as the race begins you realize you’re the only one standing in quicksand. 857 more words


The Way-too-Hyped Rookie of the Year award

With this season’s NBA Rookie of the Year seemingly locked in and on its way to Minnesota, the battle for second is a hot race. The sudden evolution of Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson since the All-Star break has created a crowd around the podium that the Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins stands highest on. 640 more words

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D'Allan Rixxx says Lakers Point Guard Jordan Clarkson is the next Russell Westbrook ?

” It is a bold statement but i think Jordan Clarkson does have some similarities to Russell Westbrook man foreal, I think like 4 or 5 years from now because of JC’s being a 46th pick in the 2nd round putting up those type of numbers it should give hope to a lot of college players to work harder and also d league players as well.” 18 more words

D'Allan Rixxx

After worst season ever, Lakers see hopeful signs in future

The worst season in the Los Angeles Lakers’ history has finally ended, and the longest summer has just begun.

Although coach Byron Scott is cautiously optimistic that swift improvement is possible for a 16-time NBA champion club reduced to a 21-win wreck, the scars of the Lakers’ current disaster are still a bit too fresh to contemplate it. 687 more words


Kings: Season mercifully over. Lakers: Ditto.

The Los Angeles Lakers wrapped up the worst season in franchise history with an eight-man roster of castoffs and journeymen trudging to their eighth loss in nine games, never threatening to contend under all those gold championship banners hanging high above the Staples Center court. 669 more words


"Los Angeles Tigers"

Believe it or not, the Los Angeles Lakers actually had a couple of bright spots in 2014-15. In yet another season that left the mighty Lakers with a wounded band of soldiers and 60 losses on the ledger, the year will end with hope for the future. 795 more words