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The Player I Loved to Hate

Before we begin, I just want to mention that I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I am a Phoenix Suns fan, and I was raised to completely despise Kobe Bean Bryant. 750 more words


Is it Always the Coach's Fault?

Last Friday, two of the top powerhouses in Arizona high school football were upset in the semifinals of the state playoffs. For some reason, I kept seeing the same fan outcry after the game on all of the different social media sources. 739 more words


Open Letter to My Readers

November 17, 2015

Dear readers,

I’ve have written the introduction to this letter probably fifty times. I’ll write something, the hit CTRL+A and delete everything. I’ll write something that people will receive as clever, and then do the same thing. 505 more words


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Radio 58, side A, track 5: "I'll Be Your Everything" by Tommy Page and New Kids On The Block

Oh, Tommy Page and New Kids On The Block, can you guys just cool it?!?!?  It was bad enough having to deal with NKOTB on their own, and then you add ANOTHER dreamy guy with a silky voice into the mix?!?!   608 more words