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Busy Pine Warbler

My friend and I had spent the morning at Jordan Lake watching eagles, gulls, crows and killdeer.

We were all packed up and getting ready to head out when my friend noticed a tiny bird being busy in the grass. 57 more words


Jordan Lake Lecture on January 20, 2018

Doc Ellen is giving a lecture on the bald eagles and winter migratory birds at Jordan Lake:

Sat, Jan 20 at 2:00 PM.

For more information go to… 10 more words


new Life List bird for doc ellen - Long-tailed Duck, 3 photos

I wasn’t at all sure what kind of duck came in for a landing at Jordan Lake.

Got home and started investigating.

WooWee. I had photographed a female long-tailed duck. 64 more words


Red-tailed Hawk and Crabby Crow

The trees across the lake erupted in noise and birds.

A flock of crows exploded from the trees.

In the middle of the crow crowd was a red-tailed hawk. 44 more words


doc ellen is NOT upside down ...

doc ellen is NOT upside down

neither is the great blue heron way up the tree …

and the tree, well …

my friend and I were sitting under that tree… 44 more words


Nov 30, 2017

One end of Jordan Lake that has almost dried up with the lack of rain this year.