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lost pigeon!!!

Is this your pigeon??? I photographed this pigeon at the Ebenezer Boat Ramp, Jordan Lake, NC, parking lot this morning. There are 4 sets of code on the plastic/silver band on his right leg: 776 TRC 1F 2015. 50 more words


2nd eagle nest UPDATE 4/20/2016 9:38 PM

UPDATE for conditions at 2nd eagle burn site;

QUICK UPDATE: there will not be a burn tomorrow Thursday. Gives us and the eagle family another day undisturbed. 94 more words

Wild Birds

eagle UPDATE 4/19/2016

YEAY!  I managed to make a video, not near the best or even better quality, but you can definitely see the two chicks in the nest that was in the midst of the prescribed burn on Friday.   46 more words


eagle UPDATE burn 04/18/2016

I checked the nest this morning.   I saw both parents.  AND one of the parents was feeding a chick!!!! Yes!  I still have not seen both chicks at the same time.   136 more words


eagle burn update: April 16, 2016 8:45 PM

We watched the nest again this afternoon.  There was still some wisps of smoke arising about the peninsula.  We saw one parent at the nest for a while.   141 more words


UPDATE Eagle burn report 04/16/2016 1:18 PM

This morning I could see one adult perched beside the nest and one chick in the nest. It is good to see the parent and the eaglet – I will feel better when I see both parents at the nest at the same time and both chicks at the same time. 83 more words


into the light

out of the shadows below the causeway the osprey appeared, fish dangling from his talons