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nictitating membrane

Birds have a built-in lens protector that flicks across their eyes.
This third eyelid is called a nictitating membrane.
It allows the bird to still see while its eyes have extra protection. 16 more words



Thunder surrounds us
Lightning over Jordan Lake
Every three seconds

Petition to Stop the Eagle Deaths

I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it? https://wh.gov/ioVNw
We have until June 3, 2016 to get 99,999 signatures and the petition will go in front of President Obama. 15 more words


DANGER to ALL Bald Eagles

Dear Readers:

DANGER to ALL BALD EAGLES. Please share this posting.
I just got this link from a fellow Bald Eagle advocate. So far, nothing in my RSS in the Federal Register about the eagles and this permitting. 87 more words


lost pigeon!!!

Is this your pigeon??? I photographed this pigeon at the Ebenezer Boat Ramp, Jordan Lake, NC, parking lot this morning. There are 4 sets of code on the plastic/silver band on his right leg: 776 TRC 1F 2015. 50 more words


2nd eagle nest UPDATE 4/20/2016 9:38 PM

UPDATE for conditions at 2nd eagle burn site;

QUICK UPDATE: there will not be a burn tomorrow Thursday. Gives us and the eagle family another day undisturbed. 94 more words

Wild Birds

eagle UPDATE 4/19/2016

YEAY!  I managed to make a video, not near the best or even better quality, but you can definitely see the two chicks in the nest that was in the midst of the prescribed burn on Friday.   46 more words