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wood duck family, 4 photos

as I was watching for eagles, this wood duck family flew over me

mom in the lower left and juvenile male above her

wood duck hen… 7 more words


distinct call...

Come warm weather there are certain birds I listen for –
and sometimes spend most of the summer trying to see!
My friend taught me to hear the cuck cuck cuck of the yellow-billed cuckoo. 27 more words


sunshine dollop

Ah, how’s this for a dollop of feathered sunshine?
He is a yellow-throated warbler…
wonder how he earned that designation…..


egrets and egrets

This was a mixed flock of egrets that passed over me at Jordan Lake.
The large birds are great egrets.
The 3 smaller birds are snowy egrets. 24 more words



Water like glass
Reflects green leaves
An ancient bird call breaks the silence
A great blue heron passes
White egrets alight and resettle in barren treetops… 227 more words


enjoying Jordan Lake

My meanderings about the lake often go un-noticed by birds, critters or humans.
I was looking for an immature great blue heron that I had seen fishing this spot a couple of days ago. 31 more words


Butterflies, and constructing terror narratives

On Saturday morning I ran 5 miles, up Hillsborough Street and back. It was humid. I went slower than usual, and struggled to finish. That afternoon I went out to Cary for my monthly haircut with Ann, and we talked about our families and cars. 396 more words