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The end of Summer

Labor Day weekend is upon us…. The unofficial end of Summer. A hot Summer in NC. With water levels very low on Jordan Lake.

Before Summer the water level was way over these pine tree roots. 95 more words

solar circle

solar circle at sunrise over the Haw River and Jordan Lake


nature's ratio

nature’s ratio:

4.5 month old immature osprey

4.5 billion year old mature moon


great egret dawn

the great egret, brilliant white, glowed in the golden hour light of the dawn


sunshine dollop

Another small gift this morning.
In the darker shadows of the trees I found this dollop of sunshine.
The yellow warbler was darting about looking for caterpillars and insects.


a new one for doc

A small package, um, bird was a great surprise today.
I found this yellow-throated warbler up high in the canopy at the lake.
This species is uncommon here, but sure a lot of colorful fun.


Creator's forefinger

creator’s forefinger
dipped in enamel orange
drew for me glowing globe
hues showed spent night fleeing
full moon, setting,

memories shimmering
drawn from consoling lake… 34 more words