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Fish are slippery and hard to hold onto, even when you have sharp talons.
This 2 year old eagle certainly flipped this fish away and behind himself, alas. 15 more words


locating bald eagles

LOCATING EAGLES: I was asked where to go and how to see eagles: here are my guide lines:

1. gather all the patience you possess… 291 more words


talon flex

I could sense the three year-old eagle’s hunger.
Even her talons were flexing in anticipation of a strike.


blue fog

The two-year old bald eagle was fishing in the fog on the river this morning.
I indulged my whimsy and let the fog tint my photo in blues – hope you like it.


Down in the Duff at Jordan Lake

by Stephanie Panlasigui.

Walking through the redwood forest, trailed by fifteen or so fifth graders, I found the perfect spot. It was time for a duff shower. 508 more words



The eastern phoebe had been grooming when he noticed I was watching.
He fluffed his feathers even more and then seemed pleased I had seen the motion.



This is the osprey with the damaged wing.
He has lingered here at the lake and is very actively fishing.
However, what has the osprey’s attention is not a fish. 42 more words