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Peregrine Returned

The peregrine found me and my friend today and gave us a very, very quick look at him as he flashed past.

His patterns were stark against the very grey sky.


JL Neighborhood: Peregrine Falcon

Zip!!!!! A rare bird at Jordan Lake …

This peregrine falcon was chasing crows at the lake.

The crows were NOT happy.  

I didn’t see any crows get caught but that didn’t slow their noisy objections. 8 more words


Kayak-In Camping

My good friend, Scott Kroggel and I decided to do some kayak-in camping Friday night.

I escaped society a few hours before he did and went ahead to find a spot and gather firewood. 305 more words


Air Traffic Patterns ... for Vultures

JL Neighborhood: Here is 3 minutes of chuckles! I do appreciate vultures. Both for their clean-up activities and their sense of timing that often leads to my laughter. 66 more words


Jordan Lake Bassin'

I had a couple hours after work the other day and decided to hit Jordan Lake for the last hour bite.

The weather has been back and forth, but I’d been noticing north winds on the lake when I drive to work in the mornings, and with days getting shorter, I figured I could find some shallow fish. 212 more words


Hershey and the Vultures

Hershey wanted the fish the vultures had found.  Being THE eagle, he took the fish.  The vultures wanted it back.  A ruckus ensued.


Safe Home ...

Standing out at the lake this morning,

 I found myself thinking about all the displaced people in Texas and Louisiana.

I became absorbed in the thought that all of us need a place that is a safe home. 36 more words