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JL Neighborhood: Fish! 7 photos 1 video 05-07-2017

The water and wind was rough this morning.

In the early light I could see the bright flash of scales and fins where the water rushed up against the shore. 47 more words


Jordan Lake Stripers

I got out on Jordan Lake today to chase striped bass and white bass and found the fish feeding readily.

I started out jigging in about 18′ of water and hooked the only striper I kept on a piece of metal. 448 more words


Wild Turkey Zombie

So I found a wild turkey zombie on Jordan Lake yesterday.

I was out on Jordan Lake in a kayak yesterday and after a while I noticed a wild turkey feeding on insects in the sand nearby.   205 more words


Swamp thangs

“A beaver skull. Oh my gosh, it’s a beaver skull!”

I yelled to my husband half-way through our bush-whacking hike through the Jordan lake and panther creek swamp-land behind our house. 968 more words


Great Blue Heron Wind Dance

The air was so alive and strong today that even the great blue heron could not stay in one place.

I caught it as it finally quit trying to stand on the dam’s tailrace and launched into the howling wind.


new bald eagle pair

I found this pair of bald eagles, one beside the other, perched in this large pine at Jordan Lake.
They are a new pair to me…I wonder if they have a nest here or are they migrants? 10 more words


kestrel in the abstract

I was at the Jordan Lake dam today, early…very early.
This male American kestrel flashed by me.
Sky was grey, he was fast, and the sun wasn’t helping my attempted shot. 17 more words