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Osprey Dances the Blues: JL Neighborhood

To lose the weight of the water that it picked up when it dove for the fish,
the osprey does a shake beginning at the tip of the beak and running all the way to its tail.


Purple Martin Dragonfly Handoff

The male purple martin flashed past me and snagged a dragonfly.

Crimped the insect’s wing and spit the dragonfly out.

The male purple martin did a roll back and smiled at me. 64 more words


Great Blue Heron Youngsters Argue

One section of the riprap at the Jordan Lake dam erupted this morning in gronks and growls and squeals.

Two immature great blue herons were trying to claim a section of shoreline for themselves. 83 more words



The male osprey folded tightly.

Twisted as he plunged toward the water.

Determination in every last inch of him.

His chicks and mate needed food and so he fished.


Osprey Drop-Like-A-Rock

Some days I am spot on, in the right place…

other days I am in just the wrong place!

Thankfully the father osprey caught his fish for his chicks. 9 more words


Bowfin Country Field Journal: Kayak Topwater Largemouth

Topwater fishing, late May. The clock said noon but it was still early morning in the cove. Contrary to popular belief, bass will strike all day on topwater in low light, depending on circumstance and presentation. 34 more words

Field Reports


Over time certain memories may no longer be prevalent but they will leave a lasting impression. Memories whether good or bad truly do impact a person. 94 more words