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The Last Express: A Train Long Gone

Well, it’s April, so I’m going to take another crack at my attempt last year at dedicating the month to Adventure Games.

While I wait on tenterhooks for… 1,286 more words

Video Game

SSPA - Prince of Persia 3D

At the turn of the century, the French based gaming company Ubisoft revitalized the Prince of Persia franchise with The Sands of Time. This action puzzle platformer is, to my mind, a shining example of bringing a 2D game to life in 3D. 1,643 more words


Templar by Jordan Mechner

Templar: a graphic novel about the dissolution of that famous order and the struggle for the legendary treasure that they left behind. A couple of weeks ago, I read the first book in this series and I enjoyed it more than this complete volume. 356 more words

Book Review

Solomon's Thieves, Book 1 by Jordan Mechner

I almost flipped out over this series today because I went to request the second book and found that it was never published. Not to be deterred, I used my mad librarian skillz and discovered that, after the release of┬áSolomon’s Thieves, the publisher bound all of the issues together rather than releasing them one at a time. 468 more words

Book Review