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Dir: Peter Atencio, 2016


I have no idea who Key & Peele are. Apparently, they had a sketch show, which was huge in America. As far as I’m aware, it wasn’t shown in Britain. 410 more words



2 out of 5 stars

What would’ve been an inspired comedic idea for a series of running sketches in a TV show is stretched out to make a feature length film and the seams show. 112 more words


Keanu (2016, Peter Atencio)

Keanu. Keanu is a movie about a missing kitten named Keanu. Keanu is so cute, no one can see him without falling in love with him; Keanu isn’t just the world’s cutest kitten, he’s the world’s sweetest kitten too. 461 more words


The Watchers July 25-31, 2016: Politics, comedy, heart-tugging Tallulah and Preacher's season finale

Hello, TV fans. Here are seven TV picks for the next seven days, because you can’t Pokémon Go all day and all night, right?

Monday, July 25… 572 more words


Keanu Review

Key and Peele is one of the best US comedy shows of recent years, managing skits both grounded and absurd with consistent hilarity. A move into feature films was obviously going to be a difficult transition from sketch comedy. 499 more words

Keanu - "Considered, clever characters and an accessible, playful storyline..."

In the UK, Keanu is all about the adorable cat. Recreating Oscar contenders in their marketing campaign earlier in the year, this witty publicity reached British websites as we all love cats. 554 more words

Film Review

Keanu Review

From 5 minute sketches to a feature length film, Key and Peele prove they’re more than just skit-stars.

“From the visionary minds of Key & Peele”, one of craziest and funniest films of the year not only gets you to watch a film about two men joining a drug war to save a kitten, but also love it. 993 more words