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Review: Keanu

There was always a natural flow to the social commentary and comedy that was executed in the sketches of Key & Peele on Comedy Central. It was cutting, poignant, and observant, but also had a wind of expertise and empathy that cut through the subject and found the heart beating inside. 796 more words


'Keanu' Cinematographer on Working With Key & Peele and Cute Kittens

When director Peter Atencio took on “Keanu,” the first feature starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, he aimed to give the film a different feel from the comedy duo’s TV variety show “Key & Peele.” To that end, he brought in DP Jas Shelton (“The Stanford Prison Experiment”), who happened to be a fan of the show. 139 more words


Movie Review: Keanu

Key and Peele are the greatest comedic duo working today. After finishing five seasons of Comedy Central’s sketch comedy series (I only seen a few of their sketches, and I get a kick out of them), the duo—as well as creator Peter Atencio—begin to make their transition to film. 300 more words


'Keanu' Movie Review

I expected silliness that bordered gross humor and it was all of that yet I liked it and it was laugh out loud funny. There’s nothing serious about the storyline as this film is just for laughs with the premise of the fascination of a kitten, Keanu. 34 more words

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Film Review: "Keanu"

-This action/comedy may have its moments, but it feels too sketchy and incomplete to recommend. 497 more words

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Lightning Review: Keanu

After Rell (Jordan Peele) goes through a rough breakup, he finds a kitten outside his door and names him Keanu. One night, he comes home to find his home burglarized and Keanu kidnapped. 350 more words


Review - Keanu

by Taylor Lunsford

With Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s successful television show coming to an end, it was only a matter of time before we saw them branch out to other projects. 471 more words