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Israeli forces evacuate Palestinian families for military drill

Ma’an – August 30, 2015

TUBAS – Israeli troops on Sunday morning evacuated 14 Palestinian families from their houses in the al-Ras al-Ahmar area of Khirbet Atuf village east of Tubas in the northern Jordan Valley area of the West Bank, local sources said.

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A tale of two villages Part 1

In the Jordan valley Palestinians outnumber Israelis by about 5:1. So it would follow, one might think, that the land would be parcelled up in a similar ratio. 151 more words

In the Jordan Valley...

After a summer break of some two months, Passages Home is back!

During these months, I traveled to Jordan and to Palestine.  Access to wifi was slow, border crossings were frustrating, and the general mood of the people was wistful for better times. 282 more words

Ordinary Places

Dan to Beersheba

You may recognize the phrase that is the title of this post. The phrase “Dan to Beersheba” or the reverse is used nine times in the Old Testament to refer to the limits of Israelite settlement. 335 more words


Hidden Beauty Up High: The Owyhee Desert

South towards the Owyhee Uplands Byway just outside of the tiny town Grandview, Idaho, the wide expanse of agricultural farms and cattle servicing outbuildings released itself to gradual desert scenery. 819 more words


Hillary on the Jordan Valley: Thread the Needle

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appealed to ‘ordinary Americans’ in her campaign video released on Sunday, formally announcing what has been widely speculated for months. 638 more words

Existence is resistance in the Jordan Valley

“You couldn’t find a better place to go on holiday?” The soldier tried to joke with me as he looked at my passport when I passed through the checkpoint. 1,051 more words