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Volunteering on LivinGood Farm

Moshav Hamra, Israel.

Israeli breakfast at 10:00.

We prepare crisp cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, orange and green peppers, techina with za’atar, and warm pita bread as our hosts Ran and Eyal pour freshly made Turkish coffee into tiny colorful cups. 48 more words


As-Salt: Jordan's City of Generosity

Within our theme of discovering the unknown, what better place to start than As-Salt! Situated beyond the outskirts of Amman, As-Salt is a city rich in history albeit reluctant to leave the shadows of the capital; few know that As-Salt, also known as… 1,157 more words


Al Auja: A Resistance Chronicle

On Friday 4/28/2017 hundreds protested against a settler assault a week earlier on shepherds from Al Auja, the Jordan Valley, Palestine, that resulted in five injured solidarity activists. 1,494 more words


The Jordan River

Today after leaving Jerusalem I made a stop at the Jordan before heading up the Rift Valley for the Galilee. This location is thought by many to be the area in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized by John. 90 more words

Bible History And Geography

Moshav Hamra



Blouses-thrift store finds



Hesitant Hope: One Year In The Jordan Valley

Bedouin shepherds were forced out of their land last Thursday, but not all hope is lost. Concluding a year of Ta’ayush activity in the Jordan Valley. 2,428 more words


Shepherding Goats

Shepherding Eyal’s goats on Moshav Hamra, Israel.



Blouses-Thrift Store Finds