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Abel-meholah, Elisha's Home

We’re continuing the study of the Divided Kingdom in our local congregation in our auditorium class, using the text of 1 Kings. We have found this period to be one of not only the history of the kings but also there is much emphasis on prophetic activity. 111 more words

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Ajloun Castle (Qal’at Ar-Rabad) is a 12th century fortress built by the Muslim Ayyubid dynasty to enforce order amongst local tribes, guard nearby iron mines and defend against Crusaders in the northern Jordan Valley. 88 more words

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Gan Hashlosha (near biblical Beth-shan), Israel

Today’s travels took us from the Sea of Galilee down the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea area, then west on back to Jerusalem. Along the way we made some interesting stops, including while still in the north, Gan Hashlosha, in the vicinity of Beth-shan. 125 more words

Bible History And Geography

Israel: Up the Jordan Valley and on to Galilee

Yesterday we made our way from Jerusalem down to the Jordan Valley and on up to Galilee. Visibility was not the best due to winds from the east and south bringing dust and haze. 235 more words

Bible History And Geography

Day 2 of the Freedom Ride: Jordan Valley

Day Two of the Freedom Ride included a visit to Fasayel, a remote village in the Jordan valley, of which 95% is under occupation.

It used to be a popular tourist destination and described as the bread basket of Palestine due to all-year farming its climate supports. 507 more words

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Mom abandons her 8-year-old son with special need at a local hospital for being "Rude"

36 year old mother, from Utah, Kathy Sherrer, with four special needs children, left her 8-year-old son with special needs at Jordan Valley Medical Center, claiming she was overwhelmed by him constantly calling her foul names and pulling his pants down in public. 275 more words

Al Hamra: A Fatal Crossing

By P. Longden, Jordan Valley team.

Israel has militarily occupied Palestine since 1967. The military operates a system of fixed military checkpoints, surprise flying checkpoints, as well as other physical obstructions inside the occupied West Bank. 1,223 more words

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