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Is Failure the American Success Story?


Why is it that the best success stories often begin with failure? Behind some of the best success stories in American history, are people who were willing and able to put in the work to be great. 509 more words


PR Account Director vacancy



As a PR Account Director you will be required to lead a dedicated PR team’s performance and development, overseeing the team’s day to day management of clients’ portfolios thus ensuring successful results and delivery of agreed activities across markets and profitability of accounts. 180 more words


How does it feel representing Jordan in sport?

How does it feel representing Jordan in sport?

There are a lot of reasons why we run. Some of us run to be fit, or to be healthy, or to change our lives on a more fundamental level. 533 more words


New itinerary: The Social Travel Program

Are you looking for more social experiences? Or do you want to lend a hand in rural communities in Jordan? Then this new program might be something for you! 94 more words


Jordan: Petra Part 2

Now on to part 2! Once we got to the Treasury, I had no idea that the city was so large! We spent a long time wondering around and climbing the city. 16 more words


The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2: Episode 8 RECAP (aired 2/24)

It is now down to the final five: Jay and Jenna, Zach and Jonna, Jordan and Sarah, Wes and Teresa, and Leroy and Nia.  Leroy is gunning for Jay because it was his decision to put Leroy and Nia in the dome last week. 1,229 more words


The Mid-Range Game: Is It Gone Forever?

The National Basketball Association is a league of extraordinary men, who have adapted and modified their games to fit the everlasting evolution of basketball. As a basketball purist, you have to remember how simple the game was in its’ earliest stages. 2,100 more words