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Eat my dust: Jorg Badura captures the action of flat-track racing

Jorg Badura recently shot a series on flat track racing, in which speedy, nimble motorcyclists race on an oval dirt track. Below, some highlights. To view the full series, visit his website: … 57 more words

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Jorg Badura photographs Silicon Valley's new generation of players kiteboarding, cycling, and more

Jorg Badura recently photographed a feature for Men’s Fitness on how Silicon Valley’s younger generation stays in shape and on top of their game. And as you would expect, their methods are not traditional. 94 more words

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PDN interviews Jorg Badura about his mobile setup for shooting athletes' portraits on location

The February issue of PDN includes an interview with Jorg Badura about his mobile setup, with an emphasis on his portraits of the hardy stand-up paddleboarders who’ve completed the SEAPaddle NYC. 84 more words

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PDN names Don Razniewski, Jorg Badura's digital tech and first assistant, an All Star Assistant

Congratulations to Jorg Badura‘s digital tech and first assistant, Don Razniewski, who was named one of PDN‘s All Star Assistants. Don has been Jorg’s right-hand man for six years, patiently problem-solving alongside Jorg on far-flung locations, on the water and in high altitudes, and in weather conditions of all kinds. 17 more words

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New work: Jorg Badura for Nikon

One of Jorg Badura‘s latest shoots took him to the gorgeous coast of France, where he photographed the above sailing image promoting the new… 175 more words

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Jorg Badura shoots "Build Your Own Fitness Trend" feature for Men's Fitness

The September issue of Men’s Fitness looks at 10 of the top fitness trends—from Zumba to yoga—and breaks down the pros and cons of each so that you can “Build Your Own Fitness Trend.” … 79 more words

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In honor of National Dog Day

National Dog Day, which was started in 2004 to bring attention not just to the permanent canine members of America’s families but also to the many dogs in need of rescue, is today. 41 more words

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