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Cinderella: A Musical Panto -- People's Light & Theatre Company

 Pantos are tricky. They have to contain enough slapstick, simplicity, and story familiarity to entertain children while being arch enough, and often topical enough, to amuse adults. 2,095 more words

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Exciting new video!

We were lucky enough to perform as part of the Arden Theatre’s First Friday series this past October and when we got the footage (shot by the talented Jorge Cousineau) we knew we had to share it. 13 more words

Gina Hoch-Stall

Birds Of A Feather: Subcircle's Seed

Though it might surprise some people and outright astonish creationists, dinosaurs evolved from birds, not lizards. And while specimens like the Komodo dragon or the… 763 more words


Rambling Man: Makoto Hirano's Boom Bap Tourism

Do you ever have that feeling, looking back on your younger self, that younger you would have really benefited from a swift slap to the face? 1,015 more words


Sex Bomb: Theatre Exile's That Pretty Pretty; or The Rape Play

“I have loads of confidence, except when I feel abused. Then I just stick up my chin and take it. That’s a real woman” pertly declares Jane Fonda, the icon/antagonist/joke/heroine/instigator/deus ex machina/villain/patron saint of Shelia Callaghan’s… 984 more words


Just Another Manic Sunday: The Arden Theater's Sunday in the Park with George

“Artists are bizarre” intones a woman in a dress that has to outweigh her by at least twenty pounds. Unable to move at the command of her dictatorial lover, she stands stock still in the middle of a white room while a crowd of onlookers observes her torture silently. 1,203 more words