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Three-sided football: titik awal revolusi permainan sepakbola?

It’s a synthesis of football, basketball, chess and poker. There is an obvious increase in complexity but essentially it’s two-sided football with an element of bluff.

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Calendar Crows

My Odin’s Ravens: Hugin & Munin layered relief has enjoyed its share of attention since I completed it in late 2014. In 2015, it was featured on PBS’s… 280 more words


Faeries of the Wood

Faeries of the Wood is the latest in my triptych series where I attempt to capture a mythological story or concept in three 4-inch tiles. 324 more words


Watch the skies. "Black Moon" Completes 2nd Phase of SOF's 9 Year Plan

Three years ago, the notable latter-day Invisible College, the University for Strategic Optimism announced its auto-dissolution and a simultaneous transformative morphology of the unique: its reincarnation as the footballing order, Strategic Optimism Football. 473 more words

Kungsleden 2016: Day Minus 1

5th August 2016
3:00pm – 5:30pm / 14.5km

I slept well, waking periodically to listen to the soft whoosh of the wheels on the track. The gentle rhythmic rolling soon lulled me back into sleep. 1,981 more words

Kungsleden 2016

Ahm House simply by Jørn Utzon

The Ahm House simply by Jørn Utzon is quite a good architectural work of art. ““Probably the very best Modern home in the world” is just how this amazing property has been described within an article within the Sunday Occasions by the structures critic Hugh Pearman. ” Designed within 1962…