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Cargo Shorts Are the Lesser Evil

I have recently been informed that cargo shorts are a serious fashion offense, in fact, it’s all over the place on blog posts like, “Dear Men, Please Stop Wearing Cargo Shorts” and “Cargo Shorts Must Die a Deadly Death” and whatever… blog posts.    1,991 more words

Cargo Shorts

Yeah, I Still Wear Cargo Shorts. Fuck Off.

Ladies, let me ask you a question. Have you been somewhere this summer with your man and didn’t have your purse so you needed your guy to carry your phone/wallet/chapstick-that-is-apparently-laced-with-addictive-substances-stronger-than-heroin for you? 975 more words

Gators (still) Wear Jean Shorts

The most awaited football game of the SEC season has arrived–at least for Dawg & Gator fans. I made an impromptu decision last night to enter the enemy territory of Jacksonville for the weekend. 274 more words

My Own Goodies


I have been teased lately because I have really enjoyed wearing “jorts” (jean shorts) this summer.  I feel like jorts can look quite “cool” if the they are the right length and fit. 11 more words

Lazy Mondays EP. 3: Girlfriend Stole My Look

It’s Monday yet again, and you just want to get through the week without looking like a hot mess, or at least master the mess! Today I felt inspired by my envy towards men, because they can just get up throw anything on and head out the door like they belong in the Sexiest Men alive magazine cover. 196 more words

Fashion + Beauty

Vintage Levis Reincarnated As Cheeky Denim Cutoffs

For those who want to rock a classic look without looking too much like anyone else, these affordable vintage bottoms are the answer. When you buy one-of-a-kind jean shorts constructed from vintage Levis, you don’t have to worry about wearing the same exact pair as anyone else. 47 more words


WEEKLY EVENTS: July 3, 2015 – July 9, 2015

Welp. I’m back from the jungle. Mexico was a boozy, hot, relaxing adventure. And I only got diarrhea 17 times. Just kidding it was only 7. 1,990 more words