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"Looking good is half the battle."

Once again, I am in love.

Jesse Weber , aka the Unweary Traveler, ran the Antelope Canyon 50 Mile Ultramarathon in February.

He didn’t train. 79 more words


"Jeans and sweat don't agree with each other."

In case you were wondering, I am not dead. Life in Las Vegas is awesome and my new job is rocking my world (in the best ways) – but both have been keeping me insanely busy. 120 more words


This incredible camouflage for computer programmers and other office workers who snack at their desks will ensure that the dreaded mustard-on-white-shirt-before-crucial-meeting scenario is never repeated.


Camouflage is a useful tool for hiding something in a distracting pattern that it blends into.

Most frequently, camouflage is used to hide a person (for example, a hunter or soldier) in an environment where they would prefer not to be spotted. 284 more words

Editor Adventures

By: Elaine Best and Addie Lawrence, Editors

E: From time to time, Addie and I like to come in contact with nature. We do this for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest pluses of adventuring out into the wilderness is escaping society. 648 more words


Put Your Faith In The Light

At first I resisted. I was wearing denim shorts, surely! Not jorts! NEVER jorts. What kind of person could I call myself if I willingly wore something with so salacious a title? 15 more words


Jort-Wearing Werewolf

Inktober day 10.  I really had no idea what to draw today, so this is what resulted.  I still have a few pairs of perfectly functional jorts, but it appears to only be allowable to wear them at home for chores or messy projects.