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Crotch Fulla Jorts #7

“Wearing jean shorts in the year 2017.

That’s a citation.”

-Fandango of WWE tag team The Fashion Police

Comedian Maria Sanchez is a compelling hilarious story teller whose character is big, bawdy, explicit and compassionate. 391 more words


Volunteer Ranger

Tonight (I wrote this a while ago) I am going to attend training to become a volunteer ranger. For posterity, I’d like to go ahead and state some assumptions and stereotypes I have about rangers, and then I can look back on this and see how right or wrong these preconceived notions were. 322 more words


Scott Joplin Goes To Church

Look at this gorgeous church.  Notice the pipe organ underneath the beautiful stained glass window?  This was the site of my debut organ performance in high school.  933 more words

Crotch Fulla Jorts #6

“I loathe narcissism,

but I approve of vanity.”

Diana Vreeland

There’s this new trend of internet rappers leading women around on leashes in Snap Chat and World Star Videos. 554 more words


A 2014 Shopping Guide To Men's Short Shorts

Stay cool, fit in, look good as hell. Summer is comin’ and even the Wall Street Journal has noticed that below-the-knee shorts for men are outdated. 32 more words