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Ironic Jean Shorts "Actually Pretty Comfortable," Reports Aging Millennial

Columbus, OH — Laughing along with friends at his Saturday barbecue, Ben Varner, 31, says the jorts he wore today as a gag are “actually a lot cozier than you’d think.” 259 more words


Harry Potter And The Shredded Jorts

I hastily looked down at my phone, “8:16.” It was crunch time and I knew I had to take a slight detour to purchase my two “cheung jai baos” (double happiness) on my way to school. 273 more words


I had to cut my favorite jeans

They had worn thin where my thighs touched.


Baker Mayfield's recreation of Brett Favre's jorts photo doesn't mean he's going to the Browns

Everybody loves Baker Mayfield’s recreation of the iconic Brett Favre NFL draft day jorts photo, including Favre himself:

“There are those people who are in your corner no matter what, you can’t do any wrong, even when you do wrong.

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The Benefits of Wearing Jorts

  • Comfy
  • Flexible Breathability
  • Stylish as Jeans with laid-backedness of shorts
  • You get to say jorts
  • Can help Cardiovascular health
  • John McEnroe will hate you
  • People will think you’re fashionable…
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Crotch Fulla Jorts #12 (the denim dozen)

“It’s hard to appreciate new things

if you don’t have the proper outfit to wear”

-John Waters

From the film Pecker

Did I miss an NAACP meeting where we as a people decided we’re all going to buy Bluetooth speakers and start playing urban music, from the past half century, everywhere we are, as loud as possible? 573 more words