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How to wear shorts

Summer is on the way and that means we can all start wearing shorts. That’s great, right? Wrong. Not only are you going to have to face your constant skipping of ‘leg day’ head on, but shorts are also a deceptively hard item of clothing to get right.  243 more words

Lyle & Scott

Crotch Fulla Jorts #10

“Before you get dressed, ask yourself if

you would wear that outfit in prison.”

-Young Jeezy

Ten minute plays are a cheap, fast, and easy way to showcase a variety of voices and styles, in the theater community, within a reasonable block of time. 1,302 more words


If You Wear a Men’s Romper I will Choke You

Ok, I wasn’t going to post today.  And to be fair this has absolutely nothing to do with sports, beer and/or food so I shouldn’t be posting about it.  347 more words

University Of Florida

Crotch Fulla Jorts #9

“Style  is not lusting after someone because they’re cool 

Style is loving yourself ’till everyone else does too”


In the world of comedy everyone has a day job. 975 more words


Crotch Fulla Jorts #8

“I’m not gonna regret the past 

when they bury me in 

blue jeans” 

-Granger Smith

 I’m a pretty chill dude, who’s accepting and open to most peoples philosophical and social-political beliefs and yet it never dawned on me that there were conservative artists out there. 856 more words


Crotch Fulla Jorts #7

“Wearing jean shorts in the year 2017.

That’s a citation.”

-Fandango of WWE tag team The Fashion Police

Comedian Maria Sanchez is a compelling hilarious story teller whose character is big, bawdy, explicit and compassionate. 391 more words


Volunteer Ranger

Tonight (I wrote this a while ago) I am going to attend training to become a volunteer ranger. For posterity, I’d like to go ahead and state some assumptions and stereotypes I have about rangers, and then I can look back on this and see how right or wrong these preconceived notions were. 322 more words