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It has been a long and hard year for 2013. But here at JO’S ORGANIZING, it has been worth the effort. We are not just a team here, but a working family. 265 more words

HBA Awards/Banquet

After being honored last year by the Michigan Home Builders Association, with the “ASSOCIATE of the YEAR”, JO’s Organizing is so very proud to receive the “SUB-CONTRACTOR of the YEAR” award, for this year. 99 more words

Don't Forget Space for those Shoes

Many times while organizing or re-organizing a closet, a large aspect of that closet can get overlooked until it is to late, and there is not enough room left for those SHOES.  432 more words

HBA Awards & Leadership Recognition

We are very proud here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing, to have received the “ASSOCIATE of the YEAR” award for 2012, from HBA and the Builders Association of Michigan. 221 more words


Like the old saying goes, there are no small problems, just small solutions. Well…..that is not really how that old saying goes, but it does apply here. 465 more words

2013 - A GOOD Year Coming

Here at JO’s Cleaning & Organizing, we have tried very hard to work together as a Team, inside our Company. We meet each week as a Team and make sure all our Customers are being serviced at our highest capabilities. 71 more words

Company Christmas Gathering

Every year we get together as a team and good friends to celebrate the Holidays. That is the way it has been here for countless years. 91 more words