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The Three Caballeros

The Three Caballeros


The Three Gentleman


Birds of a Feather


The Three Caballeros opens with it being Friday 13th, which just happens to be Donald Ducks birthday and he has been given some presents from his friends in South America. 2,080 more words

Film review - Saludos Amigos (Norman Ferguson, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney, Hamilton Luske, Bill Roberts, 1942)

Saludos Amigos is a comporomise film. It’s a feature-length film, but only just; a mere 42 minutes and you’ll be done on this one. It’s a film that also only exists as a product of a good-will tour of Latin America, with Walt Disney acting as an ambassador for the USA to counter-act the popularity of the Nazi Party in certain countries when it was produced in the middle of World War Two. 201 more words

Film Review

A Mary Blair Masterpiece Monday

Right now at Epcot Disney is holding an International Festival of the Arts, which I went to a week ago. As part of this festival, they have a few galleries displaying the art work of famous Disney artists throughout history. 522 more words

Three Birds of a Feather Down South

Silly Symphony “Birds of a Feather” – released 3 February 1931

Society Dog Show” – released 3 February 1939

The Three Caballeros – released 3 February 1945