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Take a trip to Nairobi, Kenya and you will find a country at war with itself where political contest continues to be a zero-sum game. Next to them in Kampala Uganda even the right to protest is under threat so, citizens and politicians wear red headbands instead.Or you can go across to Togo over Benin in the west and find multitudes of people protesting 50 years of autocratic rule or fly a take a short flight to Nigeria to find a country divided with a people still seeking cessation – Biafra calls. 963 more words

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Jose Mujica, a former Uruguay President who rose above money and power

Uruguay’s former President Jose Mujica often dubbed as the poorest president that the world has ever seen once said that I may be known as the poorest of all but the reality is that I am not poor in the truest sense of the word. 393 more words

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