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The poorest president in the world...

The name José Alberto “El Pepe” Mujica Cordano does probably not ring a bell. Still, he was the president of the Republic of Uruguay from March 2010 until March 2015. 425 more words



Eu defino que a liberdade humana, do ponto de vista individual, é ter tempo para gastar nas coisas que nos gratificam. Sou um inimigo da sociedade de consumo, e sou amigo da sobriedade, de viver com pouco. 195 more words


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Jose Mujica disapa Pepe, Presiden Uruguay sejak 1 Maret 2010. Masa kepresidenannya berakhir, 1 Maret 2015.

Apa yang unik pada pribadi Pepe? 748 more words


From Guerrilla to President! One of the worlds greatest leaders!

Ever heard of José “Pepe” Mujica? “The worlds poorest president”? You know the country Uruguay? Well he was the president for Uruguay for 5 years until a few days ago.According to Uruguay law he could only be President for 5 years from 2010-2015. 310 more words

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The World's Poorest President: Jose Mujica. Why the UK Needs More Guns. The Prime Minister's New Car. Putin Rides a Grizzly Bear at Everything you Hold Dear.

It’s the 2nd of March. ISIS continue to hack and burn people to death who don’t agree with them. The US is content simply vaporising its detractors from the sky. 848 more words


¨President Pepe¨.  Said like that, it sounds like an election slogan.  But as José Mujica is about to end – on March 1 – his term as president he is more ¨Pepe¨than ever.   2,808 more words