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Jose Mujica Quotes.

Jose Mujica was the President of Uruguay. He started off as a revolutionary and ended up as a wise, humble, pragmatic, visionary, liberalising 80 year old. 902 more words



Universe is a funny guy. Throws at me this. 01:55 – 03:11. Assures me I am sensing something real. I am not nuts at all. 7 more words


O que você chama de casa?

Ando tendo uma rotina quite diferente aqui em Londres. Ultimamente minha vida se resume em apenas uma coisa: falar muito, escrever muito e ler muito inglês. 1,330 more words

O que estamos fazendo com o nosso tempo?

Com certeza você conhece alguém que nunca tem tempo pra nada, está sempre atrasado, com prazos estourados, sem um segundo pra sentar e conversar. Isso se essa pessoa não for você mesmo. 746 more words


What Is Really Special About Uruguay?

Türkçe için aşağı devam ediniz! ✌️

Last Saturday, I finally came to my second stop: Uruguay. Most of my friends from Turkey want to know how Uruguay is.

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Love thy enemy (and the perils of plastic furniture)

In around two weeks time the people of Colombia will be voting on a peace deal with the FARC.

Think about it as sort of being the Good Friday Agreement… on crack (I really hate it when people use drugs to imply superlative, but because of the inapprorpiate nature of doing so in this context I’m going to go for it). 561 more words


Punta del Este

The “Point of the East” in Uruguay, famed for beaches, celebrity spotting and well just for being the best thing to do in Uruguay. I was pretty excited about Punta del Este because the weather was expected to be sunny. 927 more words

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