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British girl was held captive as a sex slave by taxi driver for 13 years

A British woman who was abducted aged 15 and held captive as a sex slave for thirteen years has finally revealed the details of her horrendous ordeal. 552 more words


What Lies Beneath Street Level

Should a property developer talk of coating his riverside skyscraper in an ivory façade, and then calculate how many elephants need to be slaughtered, the comms professional must never assume he is joking… 665 more words

Good Ship Atrium

Defamation Poem

A Hamburg court in Germany ruled that a “majority” of the poem were “slanderous and defamatory” against Erdoğan, and that it cannot be “recited.”

Böhmermann read out the… 327 more words


You Couldn't Make It Up! On Plausibility


It’s not a word any writer wants to hear about their book. But with the market increasingly competitive, everyone wants their novel to be… 716 more words

GLORIA MORTI Streaming New Track "Josef Fritzl"

Finnish death metallers Gloria Morti have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Kuebiko, at Decibel. Titled “Josef Fritzl”, the new gut-wrenching tune barrels forth with pulverizing drumming, vile guttural vocals and gore-splattered guitar work. 185 more words


Room (2015)

Room (2015)

Love knows no boundaries

If you’ve had the good fortune of avoiding Room’s spoiler-laden trailers then I’d urge you to stop reading at once (or at least skip to the final paragraph for a general consensus) as it’s best to approach the material without knowing too much about it. 1,071 more words

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