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Book Review: Room- Emma Donoghue

‘Room’ is Irish author Emma Donoghue’s seventh novel, telling the story of a young woman imprisoned in and 11ft x 11ft shed with her son. 1,083 more words

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UPDATED: Mirror journalist says don't let technology stop you witnessing history

One of only a dozen journalists allowed into court for the trial of Josef Fritzl today warned young hopefuls about over-reliance on technology in modern journalism. 397 more words

'Room' by Emma Donoghue

I guess it’s been a really long time since the last post, considering that I had been updating the blog fairly regularly. But sometimes, things beyond my control happen, like semester exams. 392 more words

Book Review

Month 3, Day 8: Me, me, me.

And so, the end is near. And so, all the other lyrics that I won’t be typing here.

I have 24 days left to complete my mission. 910 more words


shaken, not fucking stirred

Good day to you. I’m unsure of the exact figures, but many of the world’s problems would be alleviated pretty much at once by the introduction of modern plumbing technology. 350 more words

The Convention 6: Freedom from servitude

One of the Axis powers’ most memorable practices during WW2 was the use of slave labour. From the Nazi labour camps to the forced labour of Japanese POWs slavery was rife. 501 more words

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