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Spend This Week For God

Joseph Alleine was very concerned about using every moment of his time to honor God. He wrote, “Give me a Christian that counts his time more precious than gold.” To help him do this, he built in reminders to his weekly journaling and prayer times. 85 more words

True Righteousness vs. The Counterfeits of Conversion, Including that of a False Regeneration.

Taken, adapted, condensed, and brought into modern English, from, “A Sure Guide to Heaven”
Written by, Joseph Alleine

And truly my beloved, the Devil has made many counterfeits of this Conversion… 3,232 more words

Mistakes About Conversion

Taken and adapted from, “An Alarm to the Unconverted”
Written by Joseph Alleine


Dearly Beloved,

I gladly acknowledge myself a debtor to you, and am concerned, as I would be found a good steward of the household of God, to give to everyone his portion. 3,393 more words