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Corbusier invades New York

Le Corbusier, a founder of modern architecture, traveled in 1935 on his first trip to America. A Frenchman born in Switzerland, he thought New York City would receive him like a god and was mistaken. 518 more words


Columbia Journalism Dean: Obama Administration Crossed Line.

The Obama administration “crossed a line” when it ordered the seizure of phone records from Associated Press journalists and the surveillance of Fox News’ James Rosen… 273 more words

Barack Obama

Joseph Alsop: One more icon of the bygone Beltway

I have written about two celebrated Washington hostesses during the Reagan presidency. Yet there was also a significant host: Joseph Alsop, the syndicated and influential journalist who was known for, among his many other achievements, the intimate political dinners he gave during the Kennedy era and beyond. 759 more words


Spell My Name Correctly

Is there anything more delicious than a good play about politics?  Joseph Alsop (John Lithgow) is a nationally syndicated op-ed writer who believes the words “terrorize” and “interrogate” are synonymous with “interview.”  … 527 more words


Last Weekend of My Twenties

By this time next week, I will be 30. We were at a garden cocktail party yesterday  evening where I found myself chatting about our upcoming trip with an older gentleman, who was on the verge of retirement. 274 more words


Review: The Columnist

This bio-play focuses on Joseph Alsop (John Lithgow), a journalist who in the 1950s had reached an astonishing level of influence in Washington, D.C. He was a staunch anti-Communist who nonetheless had no use for Commie-hunter Joseph McCarthy, a registered Republican who championed JFK, and a war hawk on the issue of Vietnam. 267 more words


New York-Day Two

We could sleep in today, but I ended up waking up early.  We had come up with a plan to get show tickets for the day.  1,234 more words

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