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Why did I Make This Site?


Well to be honest, I am really old school and don’t like being forced to be ‘friends’ with somebody on Facebook that I don’t know in order to learn about them and their ideas. 335 more words

Yousef Al-Khattab

The Merchant of Venice Quick Write 3

3. How does Shylock perceive himself as a master and a father? Give evidence from the text to support your answer.

Shylock perceives himself as both a master and a father, and it is shown quite clearly throughout the text of the scene. 387 more words


The Merchant of Venice Quick Write 1

  1. Examine the Prince of Morocco’s opening lines. What issues does he address? Look at the language he uses in ll.1-12 and 22-38. How does the imagery in his speech reflect the Elizabethan perception of Moors?
  2. 491 more words

The Merchant of Venice Quick Write 2

2. Why does Launcelot want to leave Shylock’s service? How do his comments affect our perceptions about Shylock?

Launcelot desires to leave Shylock’s service because he feels he has been treated horribly! 362 more words


To My Slow, Slow Wifi

Had I but world enough and time,
And “6 hours 20 minutes” download speeds were no crime.
I would sit down, and sleep all day… 312 more words

Poem Emulations