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Excerpt from the fifth chapter, The Birth of a Century

Hermann Dernburg lived most of his life in Berlin and that’s where you can find a great deal of the buildings, houses and factories he designed. 221 more words


A Cautionary Tale of Soldierly Obedience: The Fate of the Desert Fox

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Some seventy-three years ago in Ulm Germany that a car pulled up to the residence of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. In the car was the driver and two Generals dispatched by Hitler who had orders to give the hero of Germany a choice, death by suicide or a trial before the kangaroo… 2,071 more words


Sul perché la levata di scudi contro il Salvimaio ricorda la propaganda di Goebbels, il gerarca di "Volete la guerra totale?". "Sììì" risposero i tedeschi.

Questa mattina, in un momento di follia (di norma il tempo che esiste tra il realizzare che in tv stanno trasmettendo un orrore che non vorresti mai vedere e il momento in cui si riesce finalmente a trovare il telecomando per cambiare canale), abbiamo finanche dovuto vedere il direttore renzista Luciano Fontana che estrinsecava il verbo dalla rete ammiraglia di Mediaset, Canale 5. 664 more words

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Downfall: Imagining the Coming Götterdämmerung

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I am watching the movie Downfall tonight as I imagine the coming Götterdämmerung that awaits the United States under President Trump. 414 more words


Immigration versus illegal aliens

LEFTISTS ARE skilled at messing with your mind, so being alert is crucial.

I have touched on this matter before, but it’s important enough to revisit. 512 more words

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Our Goebbels' works: only for today 25% discount

Saw this yesterday

25% DISCOUNT! Yes, you read right. Tomorrow (25 Feb) is the birthday of S. Rajaratnam, Singapore’s first Foreign Minister, who also wrote our National Pledge. 

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Americans are INSANE and the DISEASE is incurable

I recently met a sweet, compassionate, adorable woman on Facebook. Julie Hanselman describes herself as an “old hippie.” She’s a Facebook warrior, a social and political activist. 1,145 more words