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The Narrative that Trump is following...

I have finally found Donald Trump’s playbook, and it’s Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels ran the propaganda machine for Hitler’s view on the world, or the world that you want to shape for your followers. 610 more words


Russian Liberation Army – Russian Volunteers Who Fought For Hitler

This is from War History OnLine.

I learned something new about World War II.

It was 1st September 1939 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland under a false pretext, officially kicking off WWII. 15,181 more words

Joseph Goebbels: Principles of Propaganda

Dr. Joseph Goebbels was the Propaganda Minister for Hitler’s Third Reich whose work has been widely studied by political theorists and advertising executives over the last 75 years. 684 more words

Opinion Leaders

Cinevent Preview: The Trip to Tilsit, folksy virtues in the Third Reich

Last week, I mentioned the 48th Cinevent Classic Film Convention coming up in Columbus on June 2-5. There isn’t much point in hashing out every single film on the schedule here, especially since I’ve only ever seen one of the 24 feature-length films lined up for this year. 654 more words

Meet The Radical Gun Control Group That Pushes The Anti-Gun Hollywood Agenda

This is from The Daily Caller.

Movies and TV have a propaganda message that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

I was watching a movie where the hitman put a sound suppressor on a revolver to make the hits with. 750 more words

Joseph Goebbels – Life and Death

Joseph Goebbels – Life and Death
By Toby Thacker
Palgrave Macmilan – £15.00

     How far should we trust the diary of one of the great liars of history? 502 more words



-Louis-Ferdinand Céline, pseudonimo di Louis Ferdinand Auguste Destouches (Courbevoie, 27 maggio 1894 – Meudon, 1º luglio 1961), è stato uno dei piu’ grandi se non il piu’ grande in assoluto scrittore francese degli ultimi due secoli… 685 more words

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