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The Illusion of Liberty

The Illusion of Liberty

The illusion of liberty can be used as a powerful form of control and domination. Such as the “democratic right” to “free and fair elections,” as the “free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.”Joseph Goebbels (Nazi Germany’s propaganda minister) was acutely aware of this potential when he stated: “You are at liberty to seek your salvation as you understand it, provided you do nothing to change the social order.”

The Devil's Mistress

The Gene Siskel Film Center is currently running a Czech Film Festival, which is exciting for me because my mom is Czech. The other night I went to see… 221 more words


V for Victory and Viral

July 19 marks the anniversary of World War II’s “V for Victory” campaign. New York Times article of the day describes it as a “nerve war” against the Nazis in occupied Europe. 472 more words

Jason Karpf

Hitler Used Werewolves, Vampires, and Astrology to Brainwash Germany

‘Hitler’s Monsters’ is a new book that examines the surprisingly deep connection between Nazis and the supernatural.

In Hitler’s Monsters, a forthcoming book about Nazis and the supernatural, scholar Eric Kurlander examines how Hitler’s rise exploited a public fixation with the occult and paganism. 1,582 more words


Nazi Propaganda

How were the Nazi ideologies circulated across the Third Reich? How did a whole population come to support the party? A key tool used by the Nazi Party was propaganda and it was used to it’s full potential. 900 more words

Nazi Germany

Jean Mamy’s Anti-Masonic Propaganda Film, “Forces occultes” (1943)

1942, the French were occupied under Germany during the rule of the National Socialist Party. The Propaganda Abteilung delegation of Germany’s propaganda ministry by ex-mason Jean Mamy (known by the pseudonym… 754 more words


9x5 Truths

Orwell’s doublethink has nowadays turned into multiplethink and truth into the reassuring monomania of its theorization. Lie may reside in subtlest, repeated simplifications of reality: the peculiar but inconsistent formulations of the same statement slowly appropriate the good faith of a stuffed audience, leading it to believe that there exists some latent state of consciousness where truth and lie no longer seem contradictory. 93 more words