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Every writer

“Every writer I know has trouble writing.” – Joseph Heller

I love seeing quotes like these. Writers tend to be a solitary species, in my experience, so I think can sometimes talk themselves into believing they are terrible, just because they are having a hard time.

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Major Failure

‘Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them.  With Major Major it had been all three’, so wrote Joseph Heller in… 477 more words


Angst and Entertainment with Audio Books

One of the members in the book club I recently joined regularly listens to audio books. I had never tried audio versions before but was keen for a number of reasons. 399 more words


2016 Reading Challenge Book 36 - Catch 22

Hi, Hey, Hello!

And now we reach the book heavy section of the month for which the end is not currently known…I’ve got some catching up to do. 750 more words


Catch-22 - Review

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller Published in 1961 Pages: 463 Genre: Satire, black comedy

“It was love at first sight.”

This is most likely not what many would expect to be the first line in a book about a group of American bombardiers in World War II; then again, this isn’t just any book about a group of American bombardiers. 853 more words


Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

A Catch-22 is “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions”. (Thank you, Google)  The book is about a number of these situations that occur in the army during a war, centering around a schmuck called Yossarian, who wants to get out but can’t because of the bureaucracy that surrounds him. 199 more words

Book Reviews

Catch-22 Review: Bathing In The Absurdity Of War

Harper Lee, the celebrated author of To Kill A Mockingbird, once said about Catch-22:

Catch-22 is the only war novel I’ve ever read that makes any sense.”

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