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In this crazy political era of unprecedented polarization (with the possible exception of the Civil War), I wouldn’t be surprised to find defenders of former Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy (R), best known for the “HUAC” (House on Un-American Activities’ Committee – Senate, too) Congressional hearings he held in the cold-war 1950s, accusing everyone from government officials, to military personnel, to people in the entertainment industry of being Communist spies or sympathizers. 519 more words

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Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy was a United States Senator in the late 1940s and 1950s.


Defenestration and Other Sports: Night Life

Review: Night Life, by David C. Taylor
Forge, 2015. 332 pp. $26

I have to like Michael Cassidy, a New York detective who throws a cop out a third-story window–the guy needed it–and who, in 1954, at the height of the McCarthy witch hunts, tells Roy Cohn to stick it. 648 more words

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Museum Syndicate: Video: Longines Chronoscope: Interview With Senator Joseph McCarthy, 1952

This is 1952, so the Democrat Party still controls Congress both the House and Senate, as well as the White House with President Harry Truman. 199 more words

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Tories unrepentant for 'McCarthyesque' attacks on security-bill critics

Conservative MPs ignored opposition demands Friday to apologize to some of Canada’s leading environmentalists, civil liberty advocates and Muslims for remarks that appeared to insinuate critics were national security threats because they spoke out against the government’s security legislation. 701 more words


"a conspiracy so immense..."

This was an engrossing biography of Joseph McCarthy, the senator from Wisconsin who, during the early ’50’s led a crusade against communism in government, in society, and in the world. 1,049 more words

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From its establishment in 1917 in Russia, communism was viewed by the western countries as a thing of evil to the free world. The fire of hatred for communism became much fiercer after World War two–even though Communist Russia was allies with America and Britain during the war. 211 more words