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Tail Gunner Hillary and Fascist Democrats Embrace McCarthyism

In their quest to stomp on political foes and install Hillary Clinton in the White House liberals have embraced some of the darkest days of the 20th Century. 571 more words

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How Edward R. Murrow, Joseph N. Welch And Others Saved This Country

Earlier this week I watched an excellent “docudrama,” Good Night And Good Luck (2005 release, now available on DVD).  I recommend it, especially if you are unfamiliar with Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy’s red baiting during the 1950s. 82 more words

The Trump thought experiment

In Slate today, Seth Stevenson offered an interesting thought experiment: If a Trump equivalent were the Democratic nominee, would Democrats/liberals vote for him?

Neither party has a monopoly on shortsighted, tribal behavior.

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To Know Trump and Clinton, Look to their Mentors

The More You Know:

Neo-fascism is a post–World War II ideology that includes significant elements of fascism. Neo-fascism usually includes ultra-nationalism, populism, anti-immigration policies or, where relevant, nativism, anti-communism, anti-socialism, anti-Marxism, anti-anarchism and opposition to the parliamentary system and liberal democracy.

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Tailgunner Hillary and the Putin Hack

On July 24 Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook carefully avoided naming his sources when he told when he told ABC’s “This Week” host and former Bill Clinton administration aide-de-media George Stephanopoulos “It’s troubling that some experts are now telling us that… 1,810 more words

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