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December 9, 1958: Taking Down the Names of Everybody Turning Left

Initially founded with only 11 lonely crackpots, the organization had by the early 1960s grown to nearly 100,000, each and every one of them searching nearby haystacks for concealed Communists.  255 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

A Freakish Chimera


What would you get if you combined into one creature the worst parts of Andrew Jackson (the Indian-hater, boorish cretin of a president), Huey Long (the big-mouth, insensitive, lying populist governor of Louisiana), D.W. 38 more words

A Primer for the Trump Apocalypse: Ibsen’s Peer Gynt

for Manuel Giner

The humiliation of the US democracy is now complete. The candidate who won the most votes in the recent presidential election lost to the candidate who will win the most votes in the Electoral College. 1,068 more words


November 13, 1953: When Red, Red Robin Comes Bobbin' Along

In the early 50s, folks worked themselves up into a real dither searching for Bolsheviks here, there, wherever they may be hiding. There was a commie round every corner; any person you met might be a secret pinko, hoping to lead you down the slippery slope to socialism and the dreaded one world. 415 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Happy Birthday Scorpios! New Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio, mistress of the Underworld

with penetrating mind and eye
guards all life’s mysteries.
She dies to be reborn
like the snake that sheds its skin… 2,821 more words

Is there a liberal consensus?

I was taught that the correct answer on the PhD oral exams was to claim “yes”; that since WW2, there was agreement regarding the welfare state of the New Deal, including its turn toward emphasizing… 245 more words

Joseph McCarthy

Clintonism Is Just 21st Century McCarthyism

Propaganda Against Russia

Nowadays, it feels like the White House is doing everything in its power to blame things on Russia. Honestly, I probably don’t even understand exactly HOW much propaganda is being put out there for the masses. 1,277 more words