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Doubling down at The Nation

We’ve spent a good deal of time on this website in the company of the Boris and Natasha of Kremlin buffs, veteran Ivy League Sovietologist Stephen F. 346 more words


Sanctimony claims another victim

Brendan O’Neill writes about criticism of Tim Hunt at Reason. His analysis of how political correctness operates in the academy is correct. This movement, and its cruel ability to cow people, has been a long time in the making. 1,303 more words


Have they no decency?

I just heard that the fanatics from Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist “Church” are planning to protest at the funeral of the late Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Biden and the Delaware attorney general who died this past week of brain cancer. 101 more words

National News

10 Bizarre Cold War Tales Left Out Of History Books

This is from ListVerse.

I found this list fascinating.

Although we already know a bit about the famous affairs that happened during the Cold War, that particular era spanned more than four decades—enough time for a lot of wackiness. 1,875 more words

the propagandist

There’s a feeling a guy gets when the creases in his pants are straight, and the part in his hair is just right. His shoes are shined, and his tie is knotted into a perfect Windsor. 2,306 more words

Who's Karl Marx?

Recently I visited New York – the first time in 15 years – and had the pleasure of sitting next to an American man travelling with me from Beijing to New York (over the north pole). 57 more words


MORT ZUCKERMAN: The President Daydreams on Iran

Wall Street Journal — Anyone who looks at the nuclear deal and sees success is living in a world of rainbows and unicorns.

I’m always chasing rainbows, watching clouds drifting by / My schemes are just like all my dreams, ending in the sky. 48 more words