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Drew Pearson


Drew Pearson, Columnist

Andrew Russell “Drew” Pearson was one of the best-known American columnists of his day, noted for his syndicated newspaper column “Washington Merry-Go-Round,” in which he attacked various public persons.   3,786 more words


Imprisoned Thinking

Be a VOICE shouting into the wilderness.

“CHRIST is returning!”

What If... Pictoquote

Julian Schuman Memorial Service @ China Daily Beijing, P.R.C. May 05, 1995

“… Julian Schuman Published 4:00 am, Wednesday, May 10 , 1995
Funeral services were held in Beijing for Julian Schuman, the last American correspondent to leave Shanghai after the takeover of the city by Mao Zedong. 424 more words


From "Conspiracy Nut" to Paranoia

There has long been in America a minor underground fueled by talk radio and devoted to finding conspiracies under every rock and pebble. I don’t know when it began but it certainly received a major boost when Senator McCarty (R – Wisconsin) tried convincing the world that America was totally infiltrated by Communists and “pinkos.” McCarthy was quickly discredited and his name has since been a badge of shame in America’s story. 354 more words

Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?

I try to make my blog posts like mini religious services, with (usually brief) text for the left side of the brain plus an image or two and music for the right side. 857 more words


December 9, 1958: Taking Down the Names of Everybody Turning Left

Initially founded with only 11 lonely crackpots, the organization had by the early 1960s grown to nearly 100,000, each and every one of them searching nearby haystacks for concealed Communists.  255 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

What about today's blacklists?

The movie “Trumbo” is well done and entertaining. Because Bryan Cranston is brilliant and Hollywood has always adored itself, it may fare well during the upcoming awards season. 260 more words