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Crush Depth - Part II

Uncharted Space

Jimmy Carter was America’s president and the year is 1979. Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Bones beamed up from television onto the silver screen with… 1,521 more words

Defeating The Left

Diplomacy China doesn't need

A pal muses that soon, to be admitted to a Chinese outlet, Africans will be required to bleach their damn dark skins using cheap Chinese chemicals. 1,276 more words

Consecutive LDP Losses in Okinawa: If Henoko Relocation is Pushed Forward, “Bloody Rain” Could Fall


December 15, 2014

While the Liberal Democratic Party enjoyed a landslide victory in the rest of the country, in Okinawa the scene was very different. 388 more words

What is Good Leadership?

Nye says one of the problems when discussing good leadership is the confusion of ethical with effective leadership (2008: 111). Further complications arise with the elusive notion of charisma (Nye 2008: chapter 3). 3,156 more words

Appunti. Il secolo americano non è finito

Alla domanda se sia finito il secolo americano, Joseph Nye risponde di no. L’autorevole professore di relazioni internazionali a Harvard, nonché intellettuale vicino all’establishment Democratico, lo ha fatto in libri e saggi precedenti e ora lo ripete in questo agile e sintetico libretto (Joseph S. 826 more words

Politica Estera

End of the American Century?

Joseph Nye recently published a new book entitled “Is the American Century Over?” in which he discusses America’s influence on the world stage and how it has continued to decline in the past few years. 651 more words

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