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Isaac Herzog:

put forth his concept of smart security which, he stated, results from a combination of military strength and international strength.

Hillary Clinton…

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Another Milestone! Six Thousand Viewers - thank you / diolch yn fawr iawn

Thank you for reading my blog and viewing my galleries. It’s been a very good progression so far in 2015 👍

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China’s (soft) deficit: What ideas does the rising power offer the world?

“While America has ‘liberty’ and Europe has ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’, China lacks comparable values capable of moving peoples’ hearts and minds.”
Qiu Zhenghai

International student exchanges are a good way to spread ideas, values and norms across geographic borders. 1,059 more words

Message from Economic Forum in Davos: Privacy is Dead.

Commercial interests and governments’ intelligence apparatus want privacy to be dead. However, privacy only gets murdered if people allow that and if they don’t fight every attempted incursion and theft. 686 more words