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Will the rise of China lead to war? - Joseph Nye on power shifts and faulty theorizing

In an introductory PoliSci class, we most likely all have heard about concepts, hypotheses, theories and all that. But let’s be honest, is way better to have Joseph Nye walk us through them – as he explains how theorizing can go wrong. 484 more words

Joseph Nye

The Role of Multinational Corporations (MNC) in Soft Power (Part I)

Multinational Corporation (MNC) is an enterprise that operates in several countries but regulates and manages by one home country and often has one centralised head office. 1,006 more words

The New World

A film can do more than a fleet of warships

Borja Negrete’s column explores the advantages of Soft Power and how it can contribute to creating a shared sense of European identity. Popular culture, common European values, politics and, more than anything, effective communication could solve more problems on the continent than any meeting in Brussels. 1,024 more words


The Changing Nature of World Power by Joseph S. Nye, Jr. — A Summary

Title: The Changing Nature of World Power
Author: Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
Publication: Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 105, No. 2 (1990)
Link: https://www.jstor.org/stable/2151022


Power is the ability to achieve one’s goals or purposes. 1,060 more words


Joseph Nye on the Global Power Shifts

“Two types of power shifts are occurring in this century: power transition and power diffusion.” 

If I could go back to university, one discipline that I would love to study is international relations. 428 more words