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The Prayer of Protection, Joseph Prince (book review)

If there was one word that I had to choose to describe how I felt as I read best-seller, sought-after speaker and pastor Joseph Prince’s newest release  2,130 more words

Book Review

Healing Scriptures

These are the healing scriptures that I got mostly from Joseph Prince website. I meditate on them almost daily, confess them, personalise them to myself, pray over it in tongues. 1,061 more words

What is the New Covenant?

New Covenant

  • What is Righteousness? 2 Corinthians 5:21
    • How do we get it?
      • Under Old Covenant Righteousness by the Law (Deut 6:25; Php 3:7-9))
        • Also called “Self-righteousness” (Romans 9:30-10:4)
  • 507 more words

Boast in God's love for you

What do you like to boast about? yourself? things you do? your heavenly encounters of works of charity?  or about Jesus’ love for you??

What is the… 2,229 more words

Isaiah 28:31

God is just out to bless us, to get us with His blessings. He is not out to judge you, in fact the bible says in Isaiah that even judgement, yes God does judge, but even when God have to judge, the bible says in the book of Isaiah, “Judgement is His strange work”. 369 more words


3 John 1:2

God is a good God. God is a generous God. God wants to see your life prosper in every way.

Regardless of how unpopular it is to hear the word “prosperity” in some circles, the bible is full of it. 141 more words


The Dangers of The Word Of Faith Movement part D 'Softening Sin'.

Softening Sin.

Should we explain to people about their sins against God? Or will that be unnecessary?

WoF teachers do not often preach on repentance, sin and judgement so much because they have a different definition of what repentance is. 1,131 more words

False Teaching