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Ratzinger on Why Christians Should Live Excessively

I hope I got your attention with that title! I just finished Introduction to Christianity. The passage I will be posting today has greatly enriched my understanding of the Sermon on the Mount. 661 more words

Joseph Ratzinger

Joseph Ratzinger's 1962 Address on Revelation

As you can probably tell by now, I love the writings of Joseph Ratzinger. Recently, I found a pdf online of an address Ratzinger gave to German-speaking bishops on October 10,1962 (at the start of the Second Vatican Council) concerning errors he found in the schema… 116 more words

Joseph Ratzinger

Ratzinger on God's Hiddenness

Joseph Ratzinger (the future Pope Benedict XVI) explores in Introduction to Christianity the ways in which God reveals himself in the world. The thesis of his book could be summed up with a quote from the preface to Hölderlin’s Hyperion, which Ratzinger references multiple times throughout the book: … 444 more words

Joseph Ratzinger

Maxima Quidem

Introductory Note

Blessed Pope Pius IX is imagined by many as a bitter reactionary and megalomaniac, the Pope who locked himself up in the Vatican and shut out the modern world, who arranged his own apotheosis and announced “ 3,408 more words


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Ratzinger on God and Being

I am currently rereading Introduction to Christianity by Joseph Ratzinger. Not a day goes by that I do not read something by him. In all of his works, Ratzinger begins in the Old Testament and then goes on to demonstrate how the Old is fulfilled in the New – how the Law and the Prophets are fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.  596 more words

Joseph Ratzinger

Ratzinger on Morality and Christology

“Morality retains its seriousness only where there is forgiveness – real forgiveness ensured by authority; otherwise it lapses back into the pure empty conditional. But true forgiveness exists only when the “price”, the “equivalent value”, is paid, when guilt is atoned by suffering, when there is expiation. 206 more words

Joseph Ratzinger

The Incredible Transformation of Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI

Who is Pope Benedict XVI?

Who is Pope Benedict XVI? Does he factor into Scriptural prophecy? What has been his role in the last days? Research into this man turns up some intriguing facts that are no less relevant since his resignation. 5,169 more words