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Benedict XVI on Faith and Discipleship

Having reached the end of his life, Saint Paul asks his disciple Timothy to “aim at faith” (2 Tim 2:22) with the same constancy as when he was a boy (cf.

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Joseph Ratzinger

Pope Benedict XVI on Baptism

Third Way Living – Ken Corder

Becoming Christian is not something that follows from a decision of mine: “Now I am making myself Christian.” Of course, my decision is also necessary, but above all it is an action of God with me: it is not I who make myself Christian, I am taken up by God, taken in hand by God and in this way, saying “yes” to this action of God, I become Christian.

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Joseph Ratzinger

We can learn from him that suffering and the gift of himself is...

We can learn from him that suffering and the gift of himself is an essential gift we need in our time. – Joseph Ratzinger: http://dlvr.it/DCdMgr

Joseph Ratzinger

Ratzinger on the True Greatness of God

Most people today still admit in some form or other that there probably is some such thing as a “supreme being”. But people find it an absurd idea that this being should concern himself with man; we have the feeling – for it happens again and again even to those who try to believe – that this sort of thing is the expression of a naive anthropomorphism, of a primitive mode of thought comprehensible in a situation in which man still lived in a small world, in which the earth was the center of all things and God had nothing else to do but look down on it.

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Joseph Ratzinger

"Good News of Great Joy," Day 22: Christmas Is about Forgiveness

I recently created a 26-day Advent devotional booklet for my church called “Good News of Great Joy.” I will be posting a devotional from it each day between now and Christmas day. 573 more words

"The path that leads through many dark moments"

I made the point in my sermon on Sunday that, for whatever reason, God wanted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to endure the worst part of the fiery furnace—which, perhaps surprisingly, wasn’t the furnace itself. 424 more words

Logos Free Book - Stephen E. Fowl, Ephesians

Once again the good folk at Logos are offering an excellent Free Book of the Month. For the month of December you can have a copy of… 325 more words