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St. Basil, St. Augustine, and Cardinal Newman's Toast to Conscience and the Pope

Basil knows that love consists in keeping the commandments. for this reason, the spark of love, which has been put into us by the Creator, means this: “We have received interiorly beforehand the capacity and disposition for observing all divine commandments … These are not something imposed from without.” Referring everything back to its simple core, Augustine adds, “We could never judge that one thing is better than another, if a basic understanding of the good had not already been instilled in us.” 349 more words


On Guilt

[T]he feelings of guilt, the capacity to recognize guilt, belongs essentially to the spiritual make-up of man. […] It is as necessary for man as the physical pain that signifies disturbances of normal body functioning. 57 more words

Pope Benedict XVI

A man of conscience is...

I would say, when we are speaking of a man of conscience, we mean one who looks at things this way. A man of conscience is one who never acquires tolerance, well-being, success, public standing, and approval on the part of prevailing opinion at the expense of truth. 90 more words

Pope Benedict XVI

Community and Conscience

In the nearby village of Rebdorf, one is free to enter a field planted with strawberries and do one’s own picking. There is a little metal box at the edge of the field where one simply drops one’s coins for the berries picked—an unquestioned “honor system.” Religious practices and countless proverbs constantly reinforce this sense of honesty, fairness, and uprightness. 255 more words

Pope Benedict XVI

Joseph Ratzinger si racconta

di Gigi Montonato.  Joseph Ratzinger va verso i novant’anni; ha avuto un ictus e non vede dall’occhio sinistro; ha una grafia minuta e da sempre scrive a matita, stenografando.

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Ultime conversazioni di Benedetto XVI dopo le sue dimissioni ~ Il perno del suo Pontificato: la creazione della figura del “Papa emerito”

È appena uscito (settembre 2016) un interessante libro/intervista a cura dello scrittore e giornalista tedesco Peter Seewald (Milano, Corriere della Sera/RCS) intitolato “Benedetto XVI. Ultime conversazioni” 4,419 more words

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Crushing Liberating Theologies: From the Vatican to InterVarsity

I wanted to join InterVarsity when I was in college.

As a fresh-faced evangelical student newly arrived on campus, I signed my email up for half a dozen Christian fellowships on Quad Day: Young Life, InterVarsity, Cru, Christians on Campus, and local Catholic, Baptist, and Pentecostal mailing lists and student groups. 1,519 more words