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Joseph Ratzinger: “This so-called Christian Europe"

“According to religious statistics, old Europe is still a part of the earth that is almost completely Christian. But there is hardly another case in which everyone knows as well as they do here that the statistic is false: This so-called Christian Europe for almost four hundred years has become the birthplace of a new paganism, which is growing steadily in the heart of the Church, and threatens to undermine her from within. 122 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

Benedict XVI and the Argument from Reason

Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) has a signature argument that departs from the rationality of the cosmic order to the conclusion of the existence of God, the  828 more words


Einstein's Relativity Theory and Moral Relativism

Einstein’s relativity theory properly concerns the physical cosmos. But it seems to me to describe exactly the situation of the intellectual and spiritual world of our time. 279 more words


Sleepwalking over a precipice?

Dreaming dreams is one thing. Living in them is another. Visions of our future do not have a great history. A much better pathway to the future is along the trajectory on which our history has already put us. 1,637 more words

Culture Matters

When Empathy Fails Us: George Saunders, Joseph Ratzinger, and Our Need for Discernment

WIT welcomes Kathryn Bradford Heidelberger as a guest poster. Her full bio is available on her first post with our blog.

In this cultural season, we are saturated with empathy; or, at the very least, empathy is in demand. 1,510 more words

Guest Post

2 - The Shepherd and his flock

(June 7)

Meanwhile, half a world away, another older gentleman was also in a good mood…

(Again, you’re gonna just have to take my word on it as to how I know all this. 2,221 more words

Book 1

Vatican II: Continuity and Discontinuity

In December 2005, Pope Benedict XVI devoted part of his Christmas talk to the Roman Curia to the interpretation, or hermeneutics, of the Second Vatican Council. 167 more words

Vatican II