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Optics: When realities collide!

Pope Benedict once made the observation that there were two different Vatican II councils, the actual one and the one that the media presented to the world. 1,874 more words

Pope Francis

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Marti Square This re-blogged post was written on the 15th of November 2014. It would appear that the situation with respect to the actual number of "schemers" is still as small today as it was back in November of 2014. When reading this post, please keep in mind the "media" operation that was mounted to create the optics that the change was inevitable. TeamFrancis still has this friendly media at its disposal, but the optics are beginning to change. The more empty pictures of St. Peter's Square and half empty audiences with Francis occur, the harder it will be for the media to keep the "soap bubble" Thuggacy™ inflated. Case in point, yesterday we had this interesting piece of information (see here). When reading this, just keep in mind that it was not that long ago that Francis was telling the faithful that it was enough to go out and meet the other. But now, it would appear that something has changed:

“It was so incredibly moving and inspiring just how many people had come back to the sacrament for the first time many decades,” he said. “When I asked them why they came back, so many of them said they came back because Pope Francis had invited and asked them to. And he had indeed during the Angelus the Sunday before.”

Right! Got to keep the Hopium alive! But seriously folks, if I am interpreting this correctly, we are seeing the beginnings of the bishop of Rome, Francis trying to "herd the crowds" back into St. Peter's Square. Think about how far we are removed from "just meeting people on the peripheries" and how close we just might be to the type of operations like those that herd the poor Cubans into Jose Marti Revolution Square for one of Fidel Castro's speeches.

Pope Benedict XVI: “Peace can never last on earth if God becomes meaningless to people."

“Peace can never last on earth if God becomes meaningless to people. Christian efforts for peace must therefore concentrate, among other things, on making clear the hierarchy of values and the hierarchy of evils. 75 more words

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Pope Francis: Only 9,000 Gather With Him For Ash Wednesday's Angelus

Pope Francis had a small crowd gathered around him today at the midday Angelus on this Ash Wednesday 2015, with a reported “more than 9,000″ there to hear his words to the Faithful… 434 more words


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FOR THE RECORD: The Real Francis Effect

St. Peter'sA staggering 9,000 faithful show up for Ash Wednesday this year. A measly 50,000 Faithful showed up for B XVI last Ash Wednesday. But hey, the 9,000 were the right kind of faithful.

Mardi Gras: "mocking of the gods, who no longer need to be feared by those who know the true God" - Benedict XVI

“Fasching—Mardi gras—is certainly not a Church festival. Yet on the other hand, it is unthinkable apart from the Church’s calendar. Thus if we reflect on its origin and significance, it can contribute to our understanding of faith. 471 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

An Argentine Prosecutor speaks about Jorge Mario Bergoglio

An Interview with Señor Jack Tollers

February 12, 2015: There has been avid interest in the person behind Pope Francis since the evening he first walked out on the loggia of St. 1,480 more words


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UPDATE: Thursday 12 February 2015 07:15

The FROM ROME blog is carrying the LIVE transmissions from the Extra-Ordinary Consistory. To follow the up to the minute news flow and running commentary, please visit their blog here.

Exclusive interview on the From Rome blog with Jack Tollers.

Bergoglio on Bus