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While on this earth, all are subject to God’s moral law

A lawless nation will disintegrate into chaos very rapidly. John the Baptist imposed God’s moral law on Herod, who was clearly not a Jew, when he rebuked Herod for committing adultery (see Luke 3:19 and Mark 6:17-18).

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Using Scripture to trump the contraceptive mentality

It has always been a good experience when I’ve been able to meet the people I’ve quoted from on this site. One such person is Joseph Stephen; I love how he took a trope from popular culture, analysed it, and defeated it with Scripture and everyday experience: 264 more words


The contraceptive mentality lacks historical backing

Charles D. Provan, in his helpful book, The Bible and Birth Control, said,

“We have found not one orthodox theologian to defend birth control before the 1900s.

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Applying the sufficiency of scripture to our finances

If only we would recognise that Christianity is indeed an entire worldview and not just a spiritual religion for Sunday. If enough Christians really applied the sufficiency of Scripture to all of life, our culture would be very different.

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Leadership under God—in the right direction

Good leaders should listen to the advice of wise counsel, but should not bow to pressure from the masses which want laws changed to suit their own appetites.

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Rushfit shoot at GSP autograph session...thanks Canadian Tire! huh?

Yep, you read it correctly!  The Canadian Tire Retail Events team (Erin in particular.  She worked on the Mark’s Fashion show, Grand Openings, … 778 more words


The Story - Setting up the framework

So, this section of my blog is going to be (or at least attempt to be) an ongoing story of my journey to get to present day as it concerns my career, my experience, how it all played in with my family life and life in general.  182 more words

Joseph Stephen